What Makes Video Calls a Great Business Networking Tool

Business networking is one of the best ways for anyone to bring more attention to the work they do, as well as how they can help other professionals get ahead. In some cases, these relationships remain strictly professional, while in other instances they can evolve into lifelong friendships.

According to findings by Lifesize, 80% of people rely on video for 1:1 meetings. Considering how valuable business networking can be, it would be fair to assume a good chunk of those who practice it also rely heavily on 1:1 video meetings.

While networking with other professionals in-person is always enjoyable, connecting with others on a video call has become equally rewarding.

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Scott Wilson, Co-Founder and CEO of video conferencing service Banty.com understands this, and wants you to know what makes video calls a great business networking tool:

  • Face-to-face convenience: Oftentimes, those you network with do not work or live just down the street from you. Since business is global, you should want to have the power to connect with other professionals no matter where they reside. Video conferencing makes this possible
  • Book multiple daily networking sessions: The trouble with in-person networking sessions is participants having to travel to and from each other’s offices. This takes a lot of time and limits the number of meetings you can have on a given day. By gathering online instead, you can book multiple daily networking sessions and not have to worry about zig-zagging all over town
  • Share details about your business: During an introductory networking meeting with someone, you always want to make an amazing impression. To give someone a thorough, yet engaging look at what you and your company do, organize a multimedia-rich presentation and let it run through the online meeting platform you are calling from
  • A space for introductions: If you’ve built an amazing professional relationship with someone, they will want to introduce you to others. Instead of a blind date format, an introductory virtual meeting can be arranged by the person recommending you. This individual can even choose to stick around to help the conversation gain momentum
  • Meetings can be casual: Not every networking session needs to be serious business. While you never want to let loose in a manner that may make your professional relationship awkward going forward, a video call environment is the perfect venue to put aside the sport coat and learn more about one another on a personal level

“Networking with other professionals via video conferencing is a smart way to build relationships and generate better business,” adds Scott. “Versatile virtual meeting platforms like Banty.com make it safe, easy, and fun to get to know those who you could be working with for years to come.”

Banty.com’s video call service offers all subscribers a custom, permanent URL (i.e., Banty.com/MyMeeting); a secure, end-to-end encrypted meeting space; excellent video quality; unlimited meetings each month; and straightforward scheduling tools.

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