Bitpress releases VideoPress, the industry’s first intelligent video transcoding solution. The ground-breaking technology behind VideoPress performs deep analysis of source baseband video material rather than using file metadata for processing decisions. VideoPress is unique in automatically determining the best path to improve picture fidelity and corrects most common issues. VideoPress utilizes the scale of AWS to complete hundreds of jobs per hour and creates Apple certified ProRes outputs.

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“Content owners regularly express three major concerns when monetizing their content library: quality, speed and cost,” commented Julia Jones, Partner at Bitpress. “VideoPress was built with these challenges in mind and will revolutionize the way content is prepared for distribution.”

VideoPress customers are realizing an extraordinary benefit in automatically logging content events such as: Program Start / Program End, Ad Breaks, Potential Ad Breaks, Slates, Bars and Tone, and Textless Material. VideoPress identifies these events automatically and makes workflow decisions based on gathered analytics.

VideoPress uses tiny robots to determine when to apply 3/2 removal, intelligent deinterlacing, 4th frame repeat removal, header/footer removal, VBI removal, aspect ratio correction and insert, modify or remove commercial breaks. VideoPress also performs sound field determination and EBU/ITU audio normalization.

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