Miaozhen Systems, Tencent Beacon Jointly Issue White Paper on Anti-Ad-Fraud

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Miaozhen Systems and Tencent Beacon on Jan. 21 issued the 2018 White Paper on Anti-Ad-Fraud, aiming to prevent advertisers from ad fraud and help build a healthy and transparent ecosystem for the digital marketing industry in China.

The expansion of underground fraud economy in 2018 was curbed, remaining at 15% compared to 2017
The expansion of underground fraud economy in 2018 was curbed, remaining at 15% compared to 2017

The 2018 White Paper on Anti-Ad-Fraud updates the status quo of digital ad fraud and its underground economy,presents an in-depth analysis of the technical composition of underground fraud economy and offers targeted anti-fraud solutions and preventive suggestions.

Issuing the white paper on anti-ad-fraud is a renewed cooperation between Tencent Beacon and Miaozhen Systems. Beacon is the intelligent mobile app data analysis platform managed by Tencent PCG (Platform and Content Group), and Miaozhen Systems is China’s leading data technology solution provider engaged in helping enterprises win the market.

The white paper says the expansion of underground fraud economy in 2018 was effectively curbed, remaining at 15% compared to last year thanks to the industry partners’ concerted efforts.

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However, the underground fraud economy saw a more collectivized structure and more sophisticated fraudulent technology, posing greater economic and technical challenges for combating ad fraud.

In the white paper, Tencent Beacon introduces an AI-based real-time anti-fraud solution called “Beacon Intelligent Anti-fraud Engine” to effectively fight against the “evolving” underground fraud economy. Supported by 1 billion end-user personas accumulated by Beacon, the anti-fraud engine is empowered by its exclusive terminal device identification and cloud cross-verification technology, thus maximizing the coverage, timeliness, and accuracy of its anti-fraud detection and identification.

Combating ad fraud is a long-lasting war in the digital advertising industry, and winning the war requires the concerted efforts of all parties in the industry, said both leaders from Tencent Beacon and Miaozhen Systems.

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Committed to building a healthy and sustainable ecosystem, Tencent Beacon has teamed up with Miaozhen Systems to issue white papers on combating ad fraud for two consecutive years. Moreover, last year, Tencent Beacon, Miaozhen Systems and AdMaster co-established China’s first anti-ad-fraud big data lab to upgrade the capability to identify and diagnose invalid traffic and fraudulent advertising.

In the future, Tencent Beacon and Miaozhen Systems will ally with more industry partners to fight against ad fraud, invalid traffic, and other underground economies. The advertising and marketing ecosystem will definitely be healthier and more standardized under the concerted efforts of all industry parties.

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