Donuts to Power Global Domain Searches on WordPress.Com

WordPress.Com Selects the Donuts Search Engine for Its Domain Search After a Stringent Evaluation Process

Donuts is a leader in delivering high-quality internet domains. It is no surprise then that Content Management Systems‘ Giant, WordPress is selecting the company for its International language domain search. WordPress will be leveraging Donuts’ superior Relevant Name Search (RNS) engine for all its global searches.

“Millions of websites run on, and offering our customers a compelling domain search experience is essential to our success,” said Kellie Peterson, Registrar General Manager at “After months of rigorous testing, we are delighted to select Donuts RNS. It is powerful, delivers top conversion rates, and is tunable to our specific needs – exactly what we need in a dynamic, competitive environment. The data give us high confidence that RNS enables our international users to find the best domain names to meet their needs.”

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“We are delighted to support in their efforts to provide international customers with the best possible domain search experience,” said John Pollard, executive vice president, Donuts registry. “During the ‘bake-off’ process, our teams collaborated closely and efficiently. Going forward, we’ll be able to continue to innovate rapidly, to benefit and its community of users.”

Donuts’ RNS

This particular search engine is Domain-Registry neutral. What that means is its customers are in a far better position to find relevant domain names to build their websites. This factor propels Donuts’ platform to be the go-to place for users who want the best possible experience while choosing a name for their internet presence. WordPress benefits due to this in areas of customer satisfaction and when it comes to registered users converting such names into their websites.

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Unlike legacy domain search solutions, Donuts’ engine can be fine-tuned according to its users’ specific needs. Add on features include sophisticated merchandising and presentation choices.

Other benefits of using an RNS are –

  1. Extensive range of relevant search results
  2. Flagship word combination research
  3. Lightning Fast search answers
  4. Domain names that immediately click with customers

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