LinkedIn Introduces Interest Targeting

The Largest Professional Network in the World Is Enabling Businesses to Own the Conversations That Matter the Most to Their Audience

LinkedIn marketing teams have always been extremely pro-active when it comes to connecting businesses with their target audiences. However, with the ever expansive content, conversation, and engagement, the company has begun to realize that it is becoming a daunting task.

Acting swiftly, LinkedIn has introduced a brand new channel in their campaign manager, naming it interest targeting. With this tool, the company has facilitated businesses to further streamline advertising based on what LinkedIn members engage with and share.

Specifically, LinkedIn is now enabling 200+ professional categories for businesses to fine-tune their campaigns — ranging from Artificial Intelligence to Customer Service. With members spending a lot more time on newsfeeds and engaging in professional conversations that they care about, businesses can easily segregate and deploy campaigns, subsequently. LinkedIn hopes that this new feature will help brands achieve business objectives fairly quickly.

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Hence, with this feature businesses can:

Serve Relevant Advertising

Brands can now customize their campaign message and content according to the interest level of their audience. As an example, if you are a brand that develops robotics, you can target sponsored content to an audience that shows a keen interest in robotics.

Mix and Match

Prior to this launch, many brands were leveraging LinkedIn’s powerful Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tools to reach out to their audience. Brands can now combine ABM with interest targeting to double their campaign strength. Businesses will now be able to easily center campaigns around a buying community that has already shown interest in a certain type of an offering.

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Brand Influence

Since there are 200 categories to filter from, brands can build great content and broadcast it to members that have similar interests as the brand’s offerings. This will help build demand generation and brand awareness.


Businesses can also offer niche specializations and degrees as per member interests.

Evidently, LinkedIn is leaving no stone unturned to please their audiences and bolster their platform.

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