LinkedIn Is Changing How Sponsored Content Appears on Its Platform

LinkedIn is improving its sponsored content format so that advertisers can generate higher ROI while using the same strategy

LinkedIn is making changes on how business users will read/view sponsored content on this highly popular B2B platform. The company states that through the new content design, it intends to help marketers generate highly actionable clicks.

LinkedIn is confident that their initiative will help marketing teams achieve business targets efficiently. Several minor and major changes will be announced with the new release. Although, industry insiders are talking about one feature which will make a positive impact on marketing campaigns.

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Now, mobile advertisements will show the whole text when users click on the ‘see more’ functionality. Potential buyers, previously, after clicking on ‘see more’ were directed to either a landing page or a lead generation form. Buyers never actually read the entire text of the digital ad-copy, ever. This did not add value to a brand or their business proposition. All this is set to change now!

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Further, this release also sees users, clicking on the ‘see more’ tab to become free. This automatically means that advertisers will see a decrease in campaign click-through rates. Hence, the definition of a valid click will change into ‘a click that only counts when users click on a link which is embedded in the digital advertisement.

This works wonders for business statistics! Now, users who were genuinely interested in being taken to a ‘call to action’ page will only count as billable clicks for the advertisers. This helps in measuring campaign success adequately along with ensuring a spike in ROMI.

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As advertisement platforms globally, gear up to provide value for money to advertisers and adapt to GDPR, MarTech Series expects to hear many behemoths making significant changes to their platforms.

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