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Lessonly Targets Scalable Learning for Large Organizations with ‘Lessonly for Enterprise’

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New Features Will Enable Agility and Simplicity for Complex Global Teams

Lessonly, the leader in online training software, announced a series of new features that will enable large organizations to leverage Lessonly’s powerfully simple employee training solution across the enterprise at scale.

The new functionalities are the latest additions to Lessonly for Enterprise, which is purpose-built to empower employees of the enterprise to realize their maximum potential through focused learning and practice.

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The new features include:

  • Internationalization – Enables international training programs with translation support in 12 languages.

  • Search Insights – Allows managers to explore search data to find out what content learners are looking for.

  • Manager Insights – Gives leaders clarity about team learning with a new insights experience, purpose-built for team managers.

  • Image Library – Allows managers to upload photos for anybody on a team to use when building lessons.

  • Knowledge Checks – Tests learner knowledge, right in a lesson, without waiting for a grader.

  • Content Freshness – A score helping surface lessons that may need to be updated.

  • Advanced User Management – Custom file imports enable complex teams to automatically update employee rosters and manage a wider range of permissions.

“While you’ll notice these features will certainly help all our customers, this functionality is rooted in helping our biggest customers manage global teams at scale,” said Max Yoder, CEO of Lessonly.

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Lessonly for Enterprise was developed in response to the specific needs of managers overseeing large groups of learners with numerous, complicated needs. The features enable seamless learning for enterprise clients by streamlining processes and analytics.

“With this enhancement, we’re looking at new ways to provide actionable data for managers in Lessonly, ways to keep lessons updated and maintained,” Yoder said. ”We are continuously improving our product to best enable Lessonly’s large customers.”

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