Social Streaming TV released a new video on Gaining-Retaining Live and Virtual Event Revenues and Attendees “Forever.”

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“This video shows the balance needed in all events now and in the future,” noted Thomas B. Cross CEO – The issues and answers are below and the two-minute video is on the website.

Here are the ways to increase revenues and real ROI for your onsite and hybrid events.

To begin with stop thinking about “one and done” now everything is always-on forever.

1 – Add special CTA – Calls to action – to get traction start with a great call to action – bundles of any kind for onsite and online thought collaborators.

2 – Add pre- and post-recordings of presentations – make the virtual event the means for industry thought leadership. Flip the room as turning speakers and attendees into collaborators seeking solutions together plus private branded videos and podcasts – add weekly and even daily breaking news.

3 – Add post event paper subscriptions – exhibitor sponsored ongoing events, white papers, webinars and more.

4 – Add ongoing multi-event subscriptions – collaborators are not one-dimensional why should you event be. Add-on pre and post personal products and travel.

5 – Add ongoing content news subscriptions – collaborators don’t have one technology to manage, look at all the ones that need to work together.

6 – Add special product offers – get your vendors to work together for “happy meal” bundles.

7 – Produce video “clips” – quick videotized products for any event to the wildest possibility.

8 – Build a network news marketplace – turn the event into a global solutions “farmers market.”

9 – Upsell everything – add luxury items to personal lifestyle products.

10 – Cross sell – look “across” the complete industry landscape and ask collaborators “what else” do they need.

Bottom-line – the world is flat online marketplace network as events can come from anywhere anytime into a global network of thought leaders.

With speakers collaborating with those seeking and needing innovative thoughts to maximize their own business ROI.

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