Linius Launches Commercial SaaS Platform

Linius Unveils Public Self-Service Cloud Platform, Linius Video Services (LVS), Which Enables Developer, System Integrator and Business Communities Worldwide to Use Its Patented Video Virtualization Technology to Solve Challenges in the Multi-Billion-Dollar Video Industry

Linius Technologies Limited  – the only cloud-based solution that transforms static video into interactive intelligent content with its world-first Video Virtualization Engine (VVE) — has launched Linius Video Services (LVS); a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform that makes its patented VVE technology commercially available to the world.

The self-service platform delivers all the technology, tools and support any person or organization requires to independently harness the power of video virtualization, without any involvement of Linius resources.

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At launch, LVS also includes a beta version of Linius’ Cognitive Video Search Solution, utilizing Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence tool, Video Indexer. LVS provides an embeddable Search Widget, enabling organizations to deliver granular video search and hyper-personalized content experiences in a myriad of commercial applications.

“The commercial launch of LVS is a critical step towards achieving our goal of scaling rapidly and making the world’s video accessible as data,” said Linius CEO, Chris Richardson. “Organizations and individuals across all video-rich market sectors can now instantly access our video virtualization technology and unleash the value of their video assets.”

Anybody can create an LVS account and independently utilize Linius’ video virtualization technology via a suite of APIs. There are multiple target markets:

  • Businesses can immediately plug-in and perform granular searches across their video archives using Linius’ embeddable Search Widget
  • Developers can use Linius APIs and development kits to build powerful new applications
  • System integrators can deliver new services to their clients

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Capitalizing on the demand for SaaS

“Linius has commercially validated its video virtualization technology through direct deals with the likes of Newstag; taken replicable solutions to market with channel partners such as MediaAMP; and engaged major cloud providers including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and IBM Cloud,” said Richardson. “With enormous growth in the global SaaS market, now is the right time for Linius to capitalize on that demand with the LVS platform.”

According to BCC Research, the global SaaS market for business applications will grow from US$44.4 billion at the close of 2017, to US$94.9 billion by 2022 — a compound annual growth rate of 16.4%.[1]

Gartner predicts that the overall public cloud services market will grow 21.4% this year, climbing from US$153.5 billion in 2017 to US$186.4 billion worldwide in 2018.

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