AdPlayer.Pro Outstream Video Ads Solutions Provider Reports Q2 2021 Results

AdPlayer.Pro reports the increase of video ad serving volumes and the release of new player functionality in Q2 2021.

AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of outstream video advertising solutions, has released the Q2 2021 results, reporting the increase of daily ad serving volumes up to 45 000 000 video ad impressions in April – July 2021.

According to the official announcement, this gradual growth aligns with the company’s predictions for the second quarter, and is largely due to the acquisition of new direct Supply partners in LATAM and ASEAN.

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The AdPlayer.Pro’s functional core also underwent significant changes in Q2 2021. One of the major enhancements was the release of the brand-new AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0, specifically designed for the smooth video ads integration into AMP properties.

According to Anton Liaskovskyi, the AdPlayer.Pro CEO, the AMP Video Ads Kit 2.0, in particular, has been a long-awaited release, which can definitely help streamline the setup of video ad campaigns in the AMP environment.

As for the other video ad player improvements, these included new playlist configuration capabilities, VTT support and API upgrades, and more features are already scheduled for release in Q3 & Q4 2021.

As Mr. Liaskovskyi explained, the autumn season is usually the busiest time in online advertising, hence it’s crucial to ensure AdPlayer.Pro partners on the Buy and Sell sides have all the needed technologies to run efficient online video ad campaigns and achieve maximum business results.

AdPlayer.Pro has already distinguished itself in the crowded digital video ad market by being able to meet the ever-changing industry needs with a broad range of the innovative outstream video advertising solutions.

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