Dreamax set to launch in the UAE

First AVOD service is set to launch in the UAE, connecting content with brands. Offering a breadth in content and a variety to viewers across all genres

A new free streaming service is set to take off in the United Arab Emirates, targeting the un-exploited space of AVOD.

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US Encore Media’s bosses, Demetri Papazissis and Agis Stathakis join forces with the revolutionary TVOD retail service brand FilMe and an innovative media agency, Media Circle to form Dreamax. The first UAE Advertising Video On Demand service Dreamax is poised to tap on the virgin market, offering a massive variety in content. Spanning from international movies, series, animation, documentaries all the way to Indian and Arabic content, Dreamax will offer the one and only AVOD UAE service.

“We are set to make the UAE viewers extremely happy by offering them a rich and dynamically updating content variety that will offer home and mobile entertainment on demand for free. We are hoping to put a smile on all viewers’ faces, while our meticulously selected content will totally respect the local culture and dynamics. The opportunity we saw is totally aligned with the global trend in AVOD services that already enjoy a massive uptake in the US. From a content angle, we have been investing lots of effort and have recruited all of our experience that derives from our US business as Encore Media has been generating 90% of its annual turnover from US broadcaster deals.

Joining forces with amazing partners like Dr. Abhishek Shukla, FilMe’s CEO and Faisal Mushtaq, Media Circle’s CEO, both Agis and I are absolutely confident that we are doing the right move for the UAE market. A UAE based AVOD service was very much anticipated and now we feel the market is ready and mature to receive the service and enjoy the acceptance it deserves. Let’s keep in mind that Abhishek’s FilMe TVOD retail service is already experiencing an exponential growth while Faisal’s Media Circle is delivering phenomenal performance in the advertising domain.” says Dreamax’s co-founder Demetri Papazissis.

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