Media16 Partners With VideoByte to Reach UK CTV Viewers with Higher Precision

Media16, a leading independent UK advertising network, has partnered with VideoByte’s global ad serving technology to establish more transparency between publishers and viewers.

The move comes at a time when CTV is becoming more prevalent in the lives of everyday people in the UK, with audience sizes increasing as a result according to Q4 2021 Comscore reports. In light of this market shift, there is a need for advertisers, publishers, and ad networks to engage in a higher level of collaboration, to ensure optimal viewing experiences.

Given recent changes to human needs in light of the COVID-19 pandemic and rising geopolitical stressors in Eastern Europe, Media 16’s team were seeking technology to not only strengthen relationships with audiences, but also fortify the agency’s overall ad sales business.

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Some of Media16’s most notable publishers and brands include Premier Sports, Talking Pictures TV Encore, Extreme International, Motor Racing TV, Horizon Sports and Passion Distribution.

VideoByte is an ad serving solution designed to strengthen the integrity, quality, and efficiency of ad delivery. It was developed to create a modernized and holistic experience for end-viewers, given the trend of increasingly omnichannel content experiences.

Its services enable Media16 to tackle one of the biggest challenges in the CTV ecosystem — bad advertising experiences that disrupt critical relaxation and enjoyment time. Prior to implementing VideoByte’s whitelabeled technology, Media16 utilised multiple ad servers with different companies, to achieve different goals. With VideoByte, the company has been able to streamline its technology operation.

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“We view the CTV space as being very similar to the magazine space 10 or 15 years ago,” explains Joe Evea, founder at Media16. “We work with 20+ specialist publishers with extremely passionate and engaged audiences. Whenever you introduce advertising to content, there’s always a risk associated with disrupting the core viewing experience, especially when the audience is so engaged. With VideoByte, we are able to replicate the premium advertising experience consumers expect when watching TV. We believe it is vital to place the advertising experience at the forefront of our strategy as we do not want consumers turning away from CTV because the advertising is disrupting their enjoyment of the content.”

“Media16 has accomplished the tough balancing act of giving viewers a better digital experience, overall,” says Nick Frazee, Chief Revenue Officer at VideoByte. “Whether we’re tackling ad repetition, ad redundancy, ad blindness, or unfilled ads, this partnership is another big step in ensuring that quality is top notch.”

“It’s about embracing technology to replicate and subsequently enhance the advertising experience that viewers expect when watching analogue TV,” says Evea. “The majority of ad servers cater to classic digital requirements and work well for video on demand. We’ve teamed up with VideoByte to ensure a rich, meaningful, and rewarding viewer experience, regardless of whether they are watching analogue or CTV.”

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