Women’s Day Exclusive: Momentum Worldwide Announces New Flex Work Initiatives for Healthy AdTech Ecosystem

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New Woman-Friendly Initiatives Support Flexible Schedules and Remote Working and Offer Health and Wellness Programs

In honor of International Women’s Day, Momentum Worldwide, the world’s first global Experiential Advertising Agency, is announcing key flex work initiatives for its employees in the United States. The initiatives aim to help employees have options for flexible work arrangements as well as access to quality programs that improve health and wellness. 

New initiatives by Momentum are being implemented as a direct reaction to the challenges the advertising community faces retaining talent, fostering a diverse workforce and helping women advance and sustain leadership positions.

For example, a recent survey conducted by Momentum found a full 83 percent of respondents saying they would leave the advertising industry if they could not find a work-life fit and a further 40 percent admitting they would leave even without another job lined up. 

Donnalyn Smith, Momentum Worldwide
Donnalyn Smith, Momentum Worldwide

Donnalyn Smith, North American President at Momentum, said, “As leaders in the advertising industry, we felt a strong need to adopt industry-leading initiatives that create truly supportive working environments for women and working parents. Our industry is losing too many talented people to unreasonable demands that put unnecessary strain on families. At Momentum, we’re tapping the most advanced technologies to help meet client demands, and we’re also using technology to provide our staff with the kind of support they need to thrive at Momentum and help us do the incredible work (that) we are recognized for.”

Donnalyn added, “As a mother of three, I’m proud of the new policies we’re initiating and look forward to working with all our staff on putting them into practice.” 

Momentum, with the support of its executive team, has long been a trailblazer in the advertising industry with their flexible and supportive work policies for employees. The most recent initiatives include the introduction of Flex Working Arrangements, a telepresence robot, and MFit. 

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  • Flex Working Arrangement (FWA)

A solution for managing the work-life fit employees seek. It comes to life as either flex hours or work from home. All solutions are bespoke based on an individual employees’ needs and are structured between the employee and their manager. 

  • Robot

A freestanding robot that allows employees to be “live” even if they are not in the same room. The robot moves, sees and speaks, allowing people to travel less and connect more. This is particularly useful for employees who need to attend important meetings but cannot physically be in the office. 

  • Mfit

A unique health and well-being program, designed to cover four key areas of health and well-being—physical, mental, time and financial. The goal is to increase employee health and fitness levels and promote teamwork, as well as overall engagement and productivity, while also helping to reduce levels of stress. All are achieved through a wide variety of Momentum-sponsored classes, team events, activities, and speakers as well as options to book personal or small group training sessions. 

Momentum’s CEO, Chris Weil, concluded, “In the agency world, we have two key assets – our clients and our talent. It’s easy to become so focused on clients that we forget that without our talent we would have NO clients. We have to be as creative, innovative, respectful, and as service-focused on our talent as we are on our clients and our work. At Momentum, we know that talent is our greatest asset and we must treat them that way. Our new initiatives further our commitment to our staff and allow us to lead by example for the much-needed change in our industry.”

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