iResearch Data: Tencent Video App Led China Market with 600M MAU in May

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Tencent Video App was reported by iResearch to lead the Chinese online video market in three key criteria, including monthly active users (MAU), total monthly effective view time, and total daily effective view time.

According to iResearch, a leading third-party research company, in May 2018Tencent Video enhanced its leading position with about 604 million MAU, 19.65 million ahead of second place. Furthermore, Tencent Video has 6.313 billion hours monthly total effective view time for May. In terms of the total number of monthly active devices, the figure reflects user’s viewing behavior  on mobile networks, Tencent Video reached 731 million and the average daily active devices reached 123 million in May.

iResearch mUserTracker for May 2018
iResearch mUserTracker for May 2018

Tencent Video is leading the market with a substantial advantage and has steady performance in those three key factors.

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Zhonghuai Sun, Vice President of Tencent, said “We are very glad for the feedback from users and market, which is attributed to our continuous effort in providing high-quality content, including drama, variety shows, and other entertainment. Many of those programs hit the market and go viral rapidly.”

Supported by Guduo Media, a leading online video data and analysis platform in China, and Maoyan, a professional network video media data platform, Tencent’s original drama Moonshine and Valentine continued to be on the top of the list on both platforms, becoming the most popular original idol drama in Q2.

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Original dramas like Suddenly This Summer and Secrets of Three Kingdoms also performed well, which effectively increased the viewership on the platform while further enhancing users’ loyalty. The original online variety show China Produce101made a perfect ending as it took overwhelmingly advantage and became a phenomenal program in Chinain Q2.

For this summer, there is more high-quality content coming to Tencent Video, including the exclusive drama Legend of FuYao which became a hit soon after its release, and other high-quality original dramas like Fights Break Sphere, Go Brother!,The Eternal Love II, and Sand Sea of Time Raiderswhich will be shown on Tencent Video exclusively. Additionally, animation dramas like Modao Zushi and variety shows such as The Coming One II, Chinese Restaurant II, Phanta City 2018, and The Trio of Happiness will keep up Tencent Video’s momentum .

The continuous and meticulous arrangement of diversified and comprehensive content as well as the massive amount of effort put into operations, will effectively support Tencent Video to further consolidate its leading position in the industry.

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