Verasity and TRUTH Agency Wage War on Digital Ad-Fraud

Blockchain Technology Provides the Latest Weapon in the Fight Against Online Ad-Fraud

Verasity, a next-generation video platform enhanced with blockchain technology has partnered with TRUTH, a new media agency, to tackle ad-fraud.

Verasity’s proprietary, patent-pending, Proof-of-View (POV) technology prevents fake video views, eradicates bot interference, and reduces fraudulent activity wholesale across its video platform.

David Orman
David Orman

“Working with TRUTH, we’re going to provide advertisers with a far greater return on investment. Blockchain technology is already proving to be a total game changer for the way advertising is bought and sold across digital platforms,” said David Orman, Verasity Co-founder.

Mary Keane-Dawson
Mary Keane-Dawson

TRUTH’s blockchain technology ensures advertising can be traded and delivered with accountability. “Clearly Verasity’s Proof-of-View blockchain technology has a total affinity with our mantra here at TRUTH; to provide advertisers with fraudulent free media investment. By working with Verasity, we can provide our clients access to an accountable and 100% transparent media platform,” said Mary Keane Dawson, TRUTH’s Founder and CEO.

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Why does this matter to your readers?

  • By 2021, 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be from video content. A market with an annual value of c.$312B. Streaming media is set for the largest increase in video ad-spend over the next five years.
  • Juniper Research estimates that advertisers will lose $19 billion in 2018 due to ad-fraud. Fraudsters are also ramping up their efforts. According to Pixalate, 20% of programmatically sold OTT ads in October 2017 were measured as suspect.
  • The utilization of transparent and immutable blockchain technology directly eradicates bot traffic and therefore ad-fraud.
  • Multinational companies such as Procter and Gamble, Unilever and the Royal Bank of Scotland are bringing marketing in-house as they are becoming more distrustful of external media buying.

Verasity is a suite of blockchain enhanced video platform technologies designed to supercharge the online video ecosystem by enabling a direct and transparent relationship between viewers, content creators and advertisers.

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