The Keli Network Exceeds One Billion Monthly Video Views

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The Keli Network, a video-first social channel creator distributing vertically-focused content through its owned brands – including Gamology, Genius Club, Beauty Studio and OhMyGoal – announced that June was a record-breaking month with the company surpassing 1 billion monthly video views across its channels.

Each of Keli’s brands topped its respective category in views for the month, with Gamology leading “Gaming,” Genius Club leading “Science & Tech,” Beauty Studio leading “Beauty,” and OhMyGoal leading all soccer channels and accounting for the third most views in the general “Sports” category.  Keli’s current scale – reaching nearly 80 million engaged viewers – has been achieved in less than a year, which is faster and with less capital than many of its competitors.

By catering content to specific vertical audiences, Keli has had success increasing video engagement among consumers. The company maximizes content views and frequency within individuals’ social feeds by utilizing a proprietary suite of technology to scale and optimize content creation and social distribution.

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“This milestone reflects our continued growth and supports the efficacy of the our vertically-focused strategy, as well as the tools we utilize to break down the science of virality. “We’ll be applying our strategy to new, additional brand channels to be launched in upcoming months.” says Michael Philippe, Keli’s CEO and co-founder.” Tubular Labs, the worldwide leader in online video intelligence, confirmed Keli’s channels exceeded 1 billion views.
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“Keli Network’s extreme growth has been exciting to watch. They have doubled their network views per month since the start of the year, ranking in Tubular’s top 30 global media property leaderboards.  Data informed content strategy is the key to success in today’s crowded media landscape. Keli has cracked the code in using data to understand audiences, create super engaging content, and reach millennials globally.” said Allison Stern, co-founder and CMO of Tubular Labs.

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