Launches Live Video Captioning for Zoom Users announced the launch of live video captioning for conference calls and webinars. The introduction of this new feature aims to remove any barrier to digital business communications that companies face, boost collaboration, as well as help to meet accessibility needs.

To experience this new feature, an option to use captions for live video calls and webinars will now appear within Zoom for Otter for Business and Zoom Pro subscribers or higher.

Live video captioning is an invaluable feature that increases business collaboration and productivity for each and every meeting and webinar, especially as one in four Americans work entirely from home now and many major companies are offering permanent working from home employment options.

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In addition, live video captioning helps organizations to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and accessibility requirements, fostering a more inclusive workplace.

“Live video captioning is another feature which makes Otter Live Notes a must-have business communications and collaboration product,” said Sam Liang, CEO, and founder of “By adding this new feature, removes the significant problem of miscommunication from remote work, heightening organizations’ productivity and efficiency.”

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This latest feature follows on from the launch of Otter Live Notes in April, which enables Zoom participants to open a secure, live interactive transcript directly from a video conference call, or after a meeting. More recently, Otter For Events was introduced to add previously untapped value from webinars and virtual events by capturing conversations and turning them into highly accurate interactive, collaborative live transcripts.

By combining all these rich features, now including live video captioning, is fundamentally changing and improving business communications, boosting collaboration, and also meeting the needs of every employee. Organizations including Accenture, Dropbox, IBM, UCLA, and more currently use Otter Live Notes. has consistently evolved its product this year to cater to the changing needs of workers and organizations as they adapt to fully remote working and new, virtual environments for business events. This innovation will continue as more and more businesses offering permanent and semi-permanent remote working and virtual events, especially as workers cite communication and collaboration problems as the biggest issue they face when working from home.

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