Vurvey Introduces Reels, a New Co-Creation Tool for Quickly Creating Video Highlights of Consumer Feedback

Vurvey’s new feature enables marketing, product creation and design teams to create a highlight reel of co-creation feedback clips that can be shared with anyone

Vurvey, a provider of an innovative co-creation platform, today announced the introduction of Vurvey Reels, a new feature of its technology platform that quickly and easily compiles clips of video survey feedback from consumers into a highlight reel.

“Building on the idea that quality matters more than quantity when it comes to co-creation, Vurvey Reels takes the very best of consumer feedback via our video surveys and quickly builds a highlight reel that you can share with anyone,” said Chad Reynolds, founder and CEO of Vurvey. “In just a few minutes, you can instantly create and share your favorite video clips of consumer feedback with your team. Whether you are in marketing, product creation, merchandising or anywhere in between, Vurvey Reels now takes your co-creation journey further.”

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Once all video responses are selected for including, users can edit together their Vurvey Reel by adjusting the Start and Stop time to only include the parts of the consumer’s response for featuring. The order of the video responses can be arranged to any flow desired. Once completed, Vurvey Reels are processed and published within a few moments and can be securely shared with anyone. Vurvey Reels offers an option to create password protection for private viewing.

Vurvey’s video surveys, called Vurveys, allow companies to conduct virtual focus groups at scale by utilizing simple video questions for consumers in which they can respond anytime, anywhere. Replacing the monotony of filling out traditional surveys, Vurvey provides the means for people to express their true feelings. By opening a new communication stream with consumers that encourages honest feedback, Vurvey provides the tools to open up the creation process and bring consumer insights into the initial research and discovery process, add support during concept feedback, generate new ideas and refine the go-to-market experience.

Vurvey’s innovative platform also includes augmented reality, digital workrooms and QR codes for capturing authentic consumer insights, running virtual focus groups and testing product concepts anywhere, anytime and on any device. Vurvey ultimately helps companies turn customers into brand evangelists who help create better products that people love.

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