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Videolicious Awarded US Patent for Technology Core to Its Proprietary Video Automation Platform

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Patent Protects Methods and Systems for Understanding How Video Content is Consumed—Down to the Word and Image Level—Then Visualizes Insights and Recommendations for Precision Video Optimization

Videolicious, the pioneer of video automation for enterprise b2b sales and marketing organizations, announced the issuance of a patent by the US Patent Office. The new patent protects the deep video content analytics integral to the company’s video automation technology. This is Videolicious’s second patent; it’s first, granted in 2012, protects its “Talk and Tap” video creation methodology, which allows users to control when each shot appears in a created video.

The intellectual property protected by patent number 10121517 enables the Videolicious platform to analyze how spoken messages and streaming images within a video (created in and distributed from the same platform) influence positive and negative engagement by audiences. These insights then manifest as a heatmap superimposed over the words contained in the video, informing recommendations for optimizing video messages to improve intended behaviors (e.g., progression of the sales cycle; conversions).

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This patent is a crucial milestone in Videolicious’s journey to comprehensive video automation solution, and distinguishes it from single-use video creation and/or distribution tools. Through Videolicious, individuals at high-volume sales and marketing organizations can create, distribute, measure, optimize and iterate personalized videos for audiences of one or more, at scale, to drive open rates, build lasting client relationships and increase pipeline opportunities.

“Since day one we have been committed to building technology that differentiates sales leaders and marketers from their competition through end-to-end video solutions. It’s not enough to simply create basic video and audio recordings; distributing them, understanding their journey and impact, and using performance insights to improve messaging and creative is the missing piece of the b2b marketing tech stack,” said Matt Singer, CEO and Co-Founder of Videolicious. “This patent recognizes the technology that completes it, and certifies that we are the only company that can offer these deep video content analytics to our customers.”

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Videolicious’ video automation technology and co-founder Amanda Eilian were recently honored by Goldman Sachs, as Eilian was named one of the “100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2018.” The company also recently announced the hire of its new Chief Marketing Officer Ashley Deibert, who will lead Videolicious’ ownership of a new market category, video automation and is focused on exponentially growing Videolicious’ role in the b2b marketing tech stack.

Since 2007, Videolicious has been building its holistic video automation solution to equip individuals–organization-wide–to communicate by customized and professionally edited personal videos. The platform was designed to serve high-volume b2b sales and marketing organizations.

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