AI Predictive Analytics Platform AimeLytics Rolled out Worldwide

Applies Multimodal AI technologies to predictive analytics to achieve higher performance.

Aimesoft, a top provider of Multimodal AI products and solutions, has released its predictive analytics platform AimeLytics to the global market. AimeLytics makes Multimodal AI-based predictive data analytics easier with higher performance.predictive

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AimeLytics is an advanced predictive analytics platform in the Multimodal AI software ecosystem Aimenicorn of Aimesoft. AimeLytics could be used for predictive analytics tasks (such as revenue prediction, KPI prediction, stock prediction, etc.), text mining (document classification, sentiment analysis), or speech analytics (emotion recognition from speech, speech summarization, etc.). Especially, AimeLytics is based on Multimodal AI so it can combine text, speech, image, numerical data into a single AI model to achieve higher precision.

“Transactional data, environmental data and other open data can help businesses increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, optimize marketing campaigns and bolster customer service efforts. These data sources support a wide variety of business uses, but you can not access these benefits without the proper data analytics tools and processes. AimeLytics is designed to unlock the power of big data to boost business performance,” said Dr. Duc Nguyen, CEO of Aimesoft.

Predictive analytics is an AI method that predicts future information by analyzing internal data such as transaction history, past results, environmental information, and external data such as event information and SNS information (temperature, humidity, season, large-scale events, etc.). Real-world examples of predictive analytics using Multimodal AI include market demand forecasts, sales forecasts, customer purchasing behavior forecasts, stock forecasts, social listening, and credit scoring.

AimeLytics provides data scientists and AI/ML engineers with tools for data preprocessing, feature selection, and correlation analysis. The data can then be directly fed to built-in machine learning algorithms in the platform to output prediction results. Aimesoft also provides a customized predictive analytics service, in which experienced AI/ML engineers and data scientists carefully fine-tune, evaluate possible algorithms, select the best one, and then optimize it to generate predictive analytics models that satisfy the client’s requirements.

Last month, Aimesoft released AimeLytics to the Japanese market. As the product attracted enormous reception from the users, Aimesoft decided to roll out the product immediately to the worldwide market.

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