Anura Empowers LeadThink Fight Ad Fraud with Deep Analytics Reporting

eZanga CEO, Rich Kahn Spoke About How LeadThink Used Anura and Found That  Insight Into Organizational Ad Fraud Increased Dramatically

Anura, a leading ad fraud and PPC fraud detection software made by eZanga, published a report on how their client, LeadThink, gained significantly from Anura’s robust analytics platform. LeadThink used Anura for several months and found that the organizational ad fraud insight increased dramatically.

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Ophir Laizerovich
Ophir Laizerovich

Ophir Laizerovich, President and Co-Founder of LeadThink, said, “I’ve used other analytics companies to review my traffic quality but nothing compared to the deep insight Anura provides. I’ve now transitioned to using only Anura and leverage its analytics to improve the ROI of my campaigns.”

To better understand how other companies can equally benefit from Anura for ad fraud prevention and PPC measurement, we spoke to CEO and Co-Founder of eZanga, Rich Kahn.

Rich said, “Anura is a software that identifies real people versus fake traffic, such as bots, malware, and human fraud, in real time. Those who use the Anura software leverage it to improve campaign performance because it can determine the validity of traffic touching any web asset.”

Anura improves accuracy, yielding a 23.6% rate of return against your marketing budget.

Why LeadThink Chose Anura as Their Ad Fraud Identification Platform

Rich Kahn, CEO and Founder, eZanga
Rich Kahn, CEO and Founder, eZanga

Rich identified the main reasons that make Anura a ready-to-go software for any ad fraud detection campaign. Rich said, “Performance is the key to our success! LeadThink had previously used several other vendors and they A/B-tested Anura over other solutions. In that test, LeadThink saw a performance improvement, thus selecting Anura to protect them against ad fraud.”

LeadThink Request Views Through Anura

Anura Accurately Identified Ad Fraud and Protected LeadThink from Bad Traffic

Anura has a very different way of looking at data compared to other vendors in the marketplace.

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Rich identified, “Other leading vendors look at the ad unit, meaning where traffic came from, user behavior, and so on. Anura, however, is focused on the end user landing on the page and identifying if that specific user is real or fake. Anura simply utilizes a different way of looking at fraud.”

Anura’s software allow their customers to easily understand their analytics

Anura Leadthink



The eZanga CEO added, “We built an incredibly easy-to-use dashboard that is feature-rich with a lot of data. We also employ a support team to help clients understand all of that data, eliminating the often overwhelming process of sifting through a complex dashboard. Our support team will isolate what is important to the client and show them how to monitor those items. Anura’s dashboard is truly built for the novice user, the data junkie and everyone in-between.”

Brands are aware that fraud has become a big problem in the advertising space, and are spending more on brand safety.

We asked eZanga CEO how he sees other digital and performance-based advertising campaigns shaping up in the fight against ad fraud.

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Rich said, “In the current conversations I’ve been having, brands are realizing that there are a lot of vanity metrics in the marketplace, some of which make sense and many that don’t. Brands are starting to look closely at what happens when a metric, system or solution is applied to their campaigns. Ultimately, if they focus on a new metric, system or integration, they want to know if the juice is worth the squeeze. Are they seeing a lift in performance? If they see the lift in performance, they know that metric, system or solution is working. If they don’t, they know to keep looking. Those brands that are paying close attention to these details will likely pull ahead in the fight against ad fraud.”

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