Attendify Presents A New Registration System To Heighten Attendee Experience

Attendify’s New Online Registration System Blends With The Data Management Platform And The Company’s Mobile Event Apps For Popular Events

Attendify, an easy to use self-service event app and data management tool has launched a convenient registration-solution. The online registration system integrates with Attendify’s event apps and lead-retrieval tool. ‘Audiences’ – the company’s event data management platform helps demonstrate on ROI and personalizes marketing campaigns.

Studies suggest that despite no shortage of registration tools in the event industry, organizers are the most frustrated in the registration product category—especially surrounding user experience. The solution provided by Attendify is by being absolutely a self-service project. It helps event planners build sites independently but also integrates high-touch support from Attendify’s staff.

How It Works

All processes are controlled through a familiar Attendify system used by the clients which utilizes a single dashboard. The process can be dutifully completed by clients in a few minutes.

Michael Balyasny
Michael Balyasny

“One of our goals for the new registration system is to help our customers capture more data from their events. The real value we’re bringing to the event industry is being able to unify and act on the data collected by registration, event apps, lead retrieval and other data sources. Event organizers can now segment and filter data in a very intuitive way to build target audiences and put that data to work with extremely personalized outreach through email, digital ads, outbound calling, and push notifications,” said Michael Balyasny, CEO and Founder of Attendify.

Attendify’s new online registration system can help configure multiple ticket types and discount codes to boost sales. It helps customize a branded check-out page that’s conversion optimized. Centralizing event registration data on a single platform and using it with Attendify Audience is now simplified.

To achieve the desired goal, the new online registration software integrates with Attendify’s event apps and captures data. The collected data then can be analyzed and further used for the company’s data management solution. It can also be used for personalized marketing campaigns; extensive strategies which will help retain attendees and generate event revenue.

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