Affinity Answers Rebrands AudiencePlanner to FanFinder360°

Affinity Answers, the leader in social-powered audience insights and activation, announced it has rebranded its all-in-one, tune-in marketing solution, AudiencePlanner, to FanFinder360° in recognition of its growing market leadership in media and entertainment.

FanFinder360° provides an unprecedented view into the shared, positive affinities between the true fans of shows, movies, or music artists, and everything else they love across the world of social media. The FanFinder360° advantage is in the potent combination of its social-powered recommender engine and brand-level data. All insights are real-time and relevant with affinities refreshed based on the last 13 weeks of social engagements.

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The newly updated and branded FanFinder360° platform identifies the most passionate fans across TV, movies, and music through billions of social engagements and supplies actionable insights about fan interests and behaviors — what they are watching, where they are browsing, favorite YouTube channels, favorite sports teams, apps, celebrities and more — so marketers know where to find and activate them.

“It’s harder than ever for media and entertainment marketers to find and target new fans in today’s landscape of massively fragmented audiences and channels,” said Josh Raper, Vice President of Marketing at Affinity Answers. “What if however, you could instantly uncover that there’s a shared affinity for actress Kaley Cuoco across readers of both Playboy and Shape Magazines, and viewers of both Two Chicks and a Hammer and Star Trek: Discovery? That’s the power of billions of social engagements from the most passionate fans. FanFinder360° delivers the most reliable view of behavior and intent to turn those engagements into actionable insights for fan targeting and marketing campaigns.”

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Key Benefits of FanFinder360°

  • Creates a 360° view of fans’ top online and offline interests and behaviors
  • Identifies potential brand sponsorships and celebrity endorsement opportunities based on known shared affinities
  • Optimizes social media keyword targeting lists for marketing campaigns
  • Offers top website and YouTube channel affinities for direct placements

New to FanFinder360°

  • TrueAffinity® Score and Fan Volume Tracker: TrueAffinity® score allows marketers to identify the interesting and actionable shared interests between fans of their shows, movies, or music and everything else a person likes. With the Fan Volume tracker, marketers can see just how important those shared interests are to all fans.
  • Single Click Reporting: With the new top-line reports, marketers can receive a top-line report of their fans’ top related interests (True Affinity® score of 7 or above) across all 9 categories, with just one click. Downloadable reports contain a snapshot date range, True Affinity® score change from the previous date range, and the new Fan Volume tracker.
  • Increased Focus on Media & Entertainment: Affinity Answers has added more than 500 new M&E properties (TV shows, movies, music artists, celebrities) into the FanFinder360° platform and will continue to update every month as new shows, movies, and musical artists arrive, and as older entities and personalities become popular again.

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