Amazon Owns 80% Market Share Across Ecommerce Product Categories

Latest Jumpshot Report States that Amazon owns 61% of Private Label Conversions in Ecommerce

 Jumpshot, a digital intelligence company, today released the State of the Amazon Era Data Report for Q1 2018. The report explores whether Amazon is a friend or a foe for brand marketers. The answer is not so clear as Amazon continues to eat market share, claiming more than 80 percent of conversions against other ecommerce sites across diverse product categories.

 Jumpshot studied anonymous consumer actions within 500 online ecommerce sites and marketplaces in Q1 2018 and analyzed visits and conversions of different brand categories across these sites. 

Deren Baker, CEO, Jumpshot
Deren Baker, CEO, Jumpshot

Deren Baker, CEO of Jumpshot, said, “I predict in the next few years that Amazon will own over 75 percent of all product searches online. But it’s virtually impossible to get a clear picture of what your target customer is doing online, especially within walled garden sites like Amazon.”

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Deren added, “Unbiased data products can help show your target customers’ entire online journey — understanding how and if to work with Amazon, how your brand stacks up against competitors, and what other ecommerce sites and marketplaces are worth investing. This is all critical to think about in the Amazon Era.”

Key Findings from the Report on Amazon

  • Amazon continues to eat market share, at over 80 percent across diverse product categories.
  • Amazon has the highest market share with one-click commodity product categories such as batteries and cleaning supplies.
  • Even branded product categories like men’s athletic shoes, are dominated by Amazon.
  • Amazon continues to grow market share at up to 14 percent quarter over quarter.
  • Commodity product categories like batteries show the highest quarter over quarter growth.
  • Higher priced product categories, such as kitchen & dining, show smaller growth.

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Amazon doesn’t have private labels cracked, only seven percent market share when their leading line, Amazon Basics, isn’t counted. And, Amazon leads private label market share only in the Electronics category.

  • Amazon Basics makes up 88 percent of Amazon’s private label products.
  • Amazon owns 61 percent of private label conversions. But without Electronics, Walmart, Target and Macy’s have 74 percent share of conversions.
  • Excluding Amazon Basics – electronics, office, pets and home categories – Walmart, Target and Macy’s have 93 percent market share.
  • Brands are neck and neck to win market share on Amazon, with no clear leader.
  • The close market share among competitors suggests that Amazon shoppers do not have brand loyalty.
  • Brands can learn about their competition by tracking and analyzing their market share on Amazon.

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