Clinch Partners with Tapad to Enable Video Personalization at Scale

Partnership Makes Cross-Device Video Personalization Available to Marketers to Improve Engagement, Increase Sales and Enhance the Customer Journey

Clinch, a creative technology company that powers dynamic, personalized video, display, and social advertising, announced a partnership with Tapad, the company reinventing personalization for the modern marketer, to enable brands and marketers to personalize digital video campaigns across devices to create stronger consumer connections, increase engagement and return on ad spend (ROAS).

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According to Klick, the average American now owns seven screens, with three screens being used every day on average, and 79 percent switch screens to complete a task. This trend in consumer behavior coupled with the fact that customers have increased expectations with respect to receiving relevant brand messages has presented challenges for brands and marketers when determining strategies on how to reach their target consumer on their multi-channel path to purchase.

To combat these challenges, marketers can leverage the Tapad Graph, which includes consumer behavior insights, combined with Clinch’s technology to customize their video messaging based on first – and third-party data streams such as location, user profile, interests and time of day across all screens. Clinch creates unlimited versions of high-quality, dynamic videos and increases ROI by delivering personalized creative ads to the right audience at the right time. With this partnership, the combination of identity-driven insights the Tapad Graph provides and Clinch’s personalization capabilities will enhance the customer experience by providing a seamless, personalized journey from the research phase to the final checkout.

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Clinch For Facebook Enables Marketers to Personalize Videos to Generate More ROI
Boaz Cohen

“In order to increase conversion, marketers have to be able to provide consumers with a consistent brand experience based on their wants and needs,” said Boaz Cohen, Chief Product Officer and Head of Business Development at Clinch. “Clinch provides marketers with the capability to personalize digital video at scale, enabling marketers to provide relevant messages along the customer journey. Now with Tapad, we can do this more seamlessly across devices.”

Chris Feo

“Clinch is a valuable partner for Tapad as the ability to personalize digital video is critical to the future of audience-based advertising,” said Chris Feo, SVP of Global Data and Partnerships at Tapad. “This partnership will enable Clinch to set the standard for enhancing the customer experience across all screens and enable their clients to make video more powerful.”

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