Branded Content Powered by Playbuzz Performs in Top 10% of All Nielsen Global Digital Brand Effect Campaigns

The Latest Nielsen Study Asserts That the Platform Is “More Successful at Providing Increased Engagement, Shifting Brand Perceptions and Ultimately Driving Preference Than Other Global Digital Content”

A study conducted by global information & measurement company, Nielsen, on behalf of Disney-backed storytelling platform, Playbuzz, showcases the power of interactive content and its positive impact on branded content campaigns compared to more traditional digital content. The results support previous studies which link engagement-based content to the awakening of the brain and enhancing content memorability.

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Historical Brand Lift Data from 16 Playbuzz-Powered UK Branded Content Campaigns

To conduct the study, Nielsen ran a meta-analysis using historical brand lift data from 16 Playbuzz-powered UK branded content campaigns across the following categories: Entertainment, Government, Telecommunications, Automotive, Travel, Insurance, Energy & Utilities, Website. Those campaigns were produced for partners including Sky Q, Tesco, eBay, The National Counter Terrorism Police, Shell, Sky Mobile, and more.


The results of these studies were then aggregated and benchmarked against global Nielsen Digital Brand Effect (DBE) studies in terms of category and objective norms, for greater sampling and stability versus simply measuring UK studies. The objective norms were as follows: Awareness, Message Association, Intent, Perceptions, Preference.

Campaigns Garnered an Average Brand Lift of 91%

Nielsen found that Playbuzz-powered branded content performs in the top 10% of all Nielsen global DBE campaigns, at a Category and Objective level, sitting at the highest categorization for the performance of these studies. The study showed that these campaigns garnered an average brand lift of 91%, and that Playbuzz-powered branded content drove brand uplifts 12X greater than average digital brand lifts measured globally by Nielsen.

via Playbuzz

Nielsen concluded campaigns focusing on driving brand perceptions benefited most from Playbuzz-powered branded content, and that Playbuzz-powered branded content is more successful at providing increased engagement, shifting brand perceptions and ultimately driving preference than other global digital content.

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At the time of this announcement, Daniel Fisher, Managing Director of Europe, Playbuzz, said, “In a world where the average time spent on a digital piece of content stands at a sobering 8 seconds, brands must utilize engagement and interactivity to capture the ultimate – and most scarce – commodity: the human attention span.”

Daniel added, “For brands who tell stories online, packaging campaigns into more engaging and interactive mediums enables much deeper relationships with the consumer. For example, Playbuzz worked with Mediacom and the UK National Counter Terrorism Police to raise awareness of what to do when faced with suspicious activity. Due to the immersive nature of the campaign, it garnered the highest brand lift in the National Education category that Nielsen has ever seen. This showcases the power of engaging storytelling tools – interactive articles, polls, ranked lists, video and more – to approach topics sensitively in order to drive awareness, educate and shift perceptions.”

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Playbuzz-Powered Content

In January of 2017, Playbuzz ranked #7 in comScore’s Lifestyles Category and #27 in the company’s list of Top 100 Video Properties, positioning it as a leader in providing high-quality, broad distribution of its innovative forms of native advertising.

Branded content campaigns powered by Playbuzz garner metrics high above industry standards, such as two minutes and 15 second average session times, a 4.6% average CTR and an average 85% scroll depth. These campaigns also earn an average of 97%+ in-item viewability confirmed by MOAT and attract 99% human, non-fraudulent traffic as confirmed by White Ops.

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