Customer Profile Management and Customer Data Platform Key to Cross-Channel Business Success

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The Celebrus Study Offers Insights Into Why Firms Struggle To Harness Data For Enhanced Customer Experiences

Celebrus, the leading provider of real-time enterprise Customer Data Platform (CDP) technology, has revealed the findings of its research into cross-channel customer tracking in the US and Europe. Forrester Consulting conducted The October 2017-commissioned study, titled “Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels”, on behalf of Celebrus. The study identifies that despite 90% of surveyed firms saying that tracking customers is good for business, almost two-thirds are struggling to recognize customers across their digital touchpoints.

The research also reveals that factors such as legacy organizational design, insufficient technology and the lack of a standard model for understanding cross-channel customers are key reasons why enterprises are failing to understand the customer experience across their digital estate.

The full study, “Accelerate Business Success by Tracking Customers Across Channels

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Organizational and Technology Limitations Hamper Visitor Tracking

Celebrus, a product from D4t4 Solutions Plc, enables enterprises to become data-driven in today’s “age of the customer.”

Additional highlights emerging from the research include –

–      Although almost all respondents recognize the importance of data in improving how they interact with customers, most also report that they are unable to do this consistently. Indeed, both US and European businesses suffer from organizational and technology limitations when tracking visitors.

–      Firms report having a strategy to enhance customer experiences but, for more than half, that strategy is limited to a subset of their channels; this makes it harder to deliver a consistent, high-quality customer experience across all interactions.

–     Too many businesses are relying on legacy customer data repositories like CRM (41%) and web analytics (50%) to understand customer interactions. However, emerging technologies, like customer profile management (40%) and customer data platforms (33%), are growing in importance because they allow firms to combine data from across digital channels like mobile and social.

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How to Sustain Against the Global Competition and Challenges Arising from Privacy Legislation

The Celebrus real-time Customer Data Platform creates compliant first-party customer data and profiles at scale by capturing, transforming and delivering data about individuals’ behaviors and experiences across digital channels and beyond.

Matthew Tod, Chief Data Officer at Celebrus, identified that “to fulfill their potential, businesses must accelerate their efforts to embrace a complete picture of customer behavior and experience across all their digital channels. This has become increasingly important in the light of increasing global competition and the challenge of growing privacy legislation.”

Tod added, “Celebrus is enabling clients to review their data collection strategy so that it covers all channels, is compliant with local legislation like GDPR and can scale as their business grows. This delivers the platform to transform captured data into real-time insight that can be put into action for better customer experiences.”

The study surveyed companies in the US, UK, France, and Germany with annual revenues of more than $500 million; focus industry sectors were retail, banking, insurance, consumer packaged goods (CPG) and telecommunications.

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