Geopath Unveils Pilot Program for OOH Audience Measurement

Geopath’s Program Will Develop a Location-based Data Solution For OOH Advertisers

Conventionally, marketers and advertisers have been heavily reliant on cookie-based models to capture behavioral and demographic data of audiences. In the modern tech space, that model has ceased to exist with 75% of cookies being deleted per month and almost 67% of devices connected through IPs not accepting cookies anymore. This is where people-based advertising has come to the foray allowing brands to capture data from multiple devices in a much more definitive, consolidated manner. It thus allows brands to deliver enhanced and customized CXs across print, digital, and TV.

Geopath, an audience location measurement company for OOH providers, is bringing a pilot program for location-based advertising measurement. According to their latest announcement, Geopath will invest a significant time to build partnerships with its members in the OOH space. Geopath would also work with geolocation data enablement solutions provider, Intermx, to offer an extensive tool for audience measurement for its location-based OOH members by December 2018.

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Kym Frank, President, Geopath, stated that there has been tremendous growth in the OOH industry over the last few years on grounds of creating and establishing transit and roadside audience measurement. She said, “With advertisers demanding greater transparency and visibility, the time has come for us to extend that measurement capability to the place-based inventories that comprise the broader OOH marketplace. As a result of this pilot, the OOH community will be able to provide to brand marketers and their agencies an even clearer and truer understanding of the value received for their OOH investments.”

In this pilot program, Geopath member participants would identify the introductory locations for initial analytics across the US. Eventually, the pilot members would gain access to a platform featuring web-based insights with details of data like audience demographic, impression, screen, and venue. The cost associated with the pilot program hasn’t been revealed to the press yet.

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Jeff Gunderman, President and CEO, Eye Corp, ascertained that the overall OOH ecosystem comprising cinema, bars, health clubs, airports, malls, street furniture, billboards, and the likes was in need of a currency that was universal and trustworthy. Jeff added, “Geopath’s forward thinking in pushing for the entire ecosystem to have trusted third-party generated metrics will provide confidence to our buyers and will make transactions easier. Without this, the industry will have a difficult time staying competitive against emerging digital and mobile media options.”

Another Geopath member, Rapport’s CEO and Global President, Mike Cooper, expressed the criticality of the location-based data of Geopath for its medium. He went on to add that a universal, comprehensive system of measurement enables Rapport to determine the right impact of its OOH campaigns throughout the provider and format ecosystems.

For now, not just the Geopath member companies and the pilot participants, but the whole OOH or rather DOOH world, would be keen on the outcomes of this Geopath initiative. And, if it delivers the goods, the year 2019 can be touted as the next phase of personalized OOH advertising.

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