Nielsen Announces Data Collaboration With PubMatic Changing the Way Marketers Transact on Audience Data

Nielsen and PubMatic announced today that Nielsen’s audience data is now available through PubMatic’s Audience Encore™, permitting advertisers to buy premium omnichannel inventory layered with quality data for precision targeting and better performance.

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Brands can benefit from PubMatic’s extensive reach, enabling advertisers to engage audiences wherever they may be across all digital channels. Through this collaboration, brands may now access Nielsen’s premium audience data, along with insights into consumer behaviour, preferences, and purchasing decisions. Nielsen’s rich audience data has a unique breadth and depth and includes proprietary fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) data, credit card transaction data, psychographic data, intent, and interest data.

Nielsen’s data may be delivered through PubMatic’s Audience Encore™ – an audience platform designed for marketers to transact on unique, addressable audience data across premium omnichannel inventory.

“Brands are constantly competing for consumers’ attention, and audience data and insights play a significant role in engaging consumers when they are most receptive to advertising,” said Maureen Stapleton, International Commercial Leader, Nielsen Marketing Cloud. “With the widespread adoption of premium programmatic deals, the need to package high-quality datasets with premium inventory is bigger than ever. The partnership between Nielsen and PubMatic provides marketers with high level of consumer intelligence while optimising their advertising investments across all the touchpoints on the consumer journey.”

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“With Nielsen data available through PubMatic’s Audience Encore, our clients can expand their media campaigns and reach new, highly targeted audiences,” said Mark Williams, Director, EMEA – PubMatic Audience and Data Solutions. “Our goal is to fundamentally change the way marketers and data owners transact on audience data by giving more control to the data owner and better return on investment (ROI) for the advertiser. For retail brands, this provides an exciting opportunity to engage consumers in the run up to key shopping periods, such as Black Friday and Cyber Monday, to ensure they are top-of-mind when consumers look to purchase.”

Nielsen data layered onto PubMatic’s Auction Packages or private marketplaces (PMPs) may benefit advertisers by giving them the ability to leverage data and contextual targeting across premium inventory. This can enable advertiser to identify and buy media with the publishers that attempt to attract the most suited, addressable audiences for each brand. This gives advertisers the opportunity to reduce wasted ad spend and focus budget on premium inventory, maximising the effectiveness of campaigns.

This collaboration expands on PubMatic’s strategy to offer advertisers a holistic, privacy forward approach to leveraging premium audience data for effective targeting in a future without third-party cookies.

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