PeerLogix OTT Data Insights: Game of Thrones New Episodes Provide Significant and Progressive Boost to Streaming Library

PeerLogix, Inc., the go-to audience discovery platform for the OTT/streaming TV landscape, released data that illustrated a clearly defined and progressive lift in OTT streams/views of the library of Game of Thrones episodes with each broadcast of the first four episodes of the show’s final season.

The OTT data company reports that not only was there a documented lift in the day-to-day total streams of historical GOT episodes, as the new season approached and launched, but that there was a 200%-300% jump in daily streaming numbers on each day that followed the release of a new episode, as compared to the day before the release. The pattern has seen the daily numbers settling back down to just higher than the previous new episode release each the week went on – only to spike again on the day following the next new release.

Specifically: There were 695,982 streams the day before the 4/14/19 broadcast of the first new episode of this final season, and 2,751,516 streams on the day following the broadcast of the episode. There were 849,720 streams the day before the broadcast of episode 2, and 2,311,260 streams the day following the broadcast. There were 1,102,227 streams the day before the broadcast of episode 3, and 2,803,857 the day following the broadcast. There were 1,265,601 streams the day before the broadcast of episode 4, and 4,003,977 streams (the largest number ever recorded) the day after the broadcast. For further perspective, average daily streams were 304,269 and 371,558 for February and March, respectively.

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PeerLogix is the recognized leader in the OTT data space. With its patented streaming observation technology sitting directly ‘in the viewing stream,’ PeerLogix tracks viewership data of more than 50,000 premium TV shows and movies across more than 180 million households as streamed on virtually all of the mid and long tail OTT networks.

“It is certainly no surprise that the much-hyped arrival of the final episodes of ‘Game of Thrones’ has generated significant up-ticks in interest and streams of the historical library of episodes across OTT platforms,” explains PeerLogix Founder, William Gorfein.  “But the ability to compile and analyze actual real-time daily stream numbers can provide some very valuable learning/planning opportunities for OTT network operators who must make important content acquisition decisions on a regular basis.”

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PeerLogix CEO, Ray Colwell, adds, “And, while it may be tempting to see this kind of ‘data as a service’ offering as secondary to our ad-targeting services (providing advertisers the ability to target GOT streamers across the programmatic landscape, in this case), the bottom line is that our customizable data sets provide our network partners the very valuable ability to study trends and make more accurate predictions on the way that specific streaming behaviors will ebb and flow based on scheduled external events.”

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