Bluecore Joins Salesforce Partner Program to Bring Personalized Interactions for E-Commerce

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Bluecore, the leading intelligence and decision enablement platform for commerce, announced its entry into the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This partnership with Salesforce will power individualized interactions by unifying customer and catalog data over the Commerce Cloud.

In its blog post on February 1, Bluecore announced that it is launching its all-new decisioning platform for commerce at eTail West 2017. Its decision to join Salesforce Partner Program will help marketers churn out the maximum value from the yet-to-be-announced decisioning platform.

Bluecore Decisioning Platform for Ecommerce
                                                                                                                                                            Bluecore for E-Commerce

“At Bluecore, we power individualized interactions by unifying customer and catalog data. This falls in line with our legacy of automating unique triggered emails for retailers like Reebok, Gap, and Cabela’s – but now we’re going deeper.”

“eTail West 2017 will be the debut event for Bluecore’s decisioning platform, the connective tissue in your marketing stack – effortlessly integrating to connect sources of data, like the CRM and eCommerce platform, with channel technologies that communicate directly with your customers. In doing so, the decisioning platform processes massive data sets in seconds, making it immediately actionable for marketers to build audiences (which could include your most valuable customers, discount-buyers, customers who are about to churn, etc.), and create campaigns for email, social, search, onsite and more.”

Bluecore’s integration with Salesforce Commerce Cloud offers a unique opportunity for E-commerce clients in implementing Bluecore’s dynamic technology across their storefronts in minutes via Commerce Cloud’s cartridge system. Currently, the Bluecore platform offers immaculate personalization with a simple point-and-click interface, helping marketers capture powerful, real-time behavioral and catalog data. E-commerce marketers can now run fully-personalized, high-performance campaigns across all marketing channels with a very refined Mobile-First approach.

“Everything and everyone is becoming more connected and smarter than ever before,” said Alan Bunce, VP of Product Marketing, Salesforce.

“By joining the Salesforce Partner Program in support of Commerce Cloud, Bluecore is joining the world’s largest community of born-in-the-cloud partners who are committed to innovating on the Salesforce platform and driving customer success.”

The deep site integration with Bluecore allows Salesforce Commerce Cloud users to unify data from onsite customer browse search and purchase activity, along with product catalog activity like price fluctuations and inventory changes without product feeds. It not only allows for more personalized collaborations and timely communications, but it can also help retailers generate highly targeted audiences for precision targeting across additional channels.

Bluecore, which is rated as one of the fastest and most efficient data integration platforms for Commerce, offers 100+ million customer-product interactions filtered through 10+ proprietary collaborative predictive tools. By joining the Salesforce Partner Program — the industry’s largest “born in the cloud” partner program, Bluecore Partner Program will be catering to larger user base, helping them build successful businesses that leverage the Salesforce platform.

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