Pegasystems Launches First Robotic Automation Capabilities for Business Process Management

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Pegasystems Inc., the leading provider of Business Process Management solutions, has announced the introduction of Pega Robotic Automation for Pega® Client Lifecycle Management (CLM) and Pega® Know Your Customer (KYC). The new capabilities will help users leverage the power of robotic automation to speed client onboarding processes, reduce operational costs, and accelerate time to market. By unifying Pega Robotic Automation within Pega CLM and Pega KYC, global financial institutions can automate repetitive manual tasks in onboarding and KYC remediation processes to ultimately improve the customer experience.

Pega Robotic Automation takes business process management beyond traditional automation offerings. In the quest to make marketing automation platforms more personalized, MarTech innovators are divided on the use of robotics over Artificial Learning and Machine Learning (AI/ML). This is the first time, robotics features in a BPM ecosystem. By offering real-time insights and analytics uncovering the blind spots in business processes, Pega allows users to make intelligent, data-driven decisions without any guesswork.

Pega Robotic suite constitutes of –

  • Workforce Intelligence
  • Robotic Desktop Automation (RDA)
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Pegasystems, by introducing the latest capabilities, intends to enable marketers to complete delivery processes faster and more accurately. Additional benefits of using these capabilities for marketing include the ability to —

  • Eliminate manual data entry errors in large-scale KYC remediation projects by collecting and normalizing data from any external third-party data provider (screening engines, data providers, utilities) and internal system.
  • Streamline user tasks from front to back office by eliminating manual data entry and data gathering across sales, compliance, and operations in multiple systems.
  • Cut costs by an additional 20%-50% by combining robotic automation with Pega CLM’s optimized target operating model
  • Provide the most efficient and transparent multi-jurisdictional, multi-product onboarding to complex entities.

Pega Robotic Automation enables businesses to intelligently optimize how work gets done — by both humans and robots — across the enterprise from a centralized and globally scalable end-to-end solution. Pega Robotic Automation is now natively unified within Pega CLM and Pega KYC to seamlessly infuse robotic automation within any bank’s global onboarding and KYC transformation. Ultimately, these benefits make employees more productive while freeing them to focus on delivering better customer experiences. These industry-leading applications can be deployed at the world’s largest institutions in as little as three months while speeding time to revenue with new and existing clients.

Over a couple of years, MarTech stacks have largely grown around automation tools, enabling marketers to collaborate and communicate with team members, customers and prospects at scale via email, mobile, social, and other digital campaigns. Whichever technology — AI/ML versus Robotics, manages to succeed in bringing intuitive customer experience will win the engagement battle in 2017. Pega Robotic Automation could very well be a decent option for face-to-face customer services with automated services, freeing up valuable human agents to become expert advisors.

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