Iterable Unveils New Products to Democratize Growth for Marketers

New Features Announced at Iterable’s Growth Marketing Conference, Activate

Iterable, the leading growth marketing platform for cross-channel customer engagement, announced new products and channels at Activate, Iterable’s annual growth marketing conference. Iterable continues to sustain tremendous momentum, including its raise of $50 million in March, and these product announcements will further support Iterable’s vision of democratizing growth and accelerate adoption of its platform.

Iterable is the growth marketing platform that enables brands to create, execute and optimize cross-channel campaigns with unparalleled data flexibility. Currently analyzing over 1 billion customer events per day, Iterable enables consumer brands to deliver seamless, highly personalized experiences at modern scale.

“At Iterable, we believe that growth marketing is a company-wide initiative,” said Justin Zhu, CEO of Iterable. “With these latest products, Iterable is committed to democratizing growth by helping all teams across an organization achieve their overall vision and goals.”

Iterable empowers marketing teams to accomplish more by breaking down the technical and organizational silos that have historically isolated growth programs. This requires three core components—People, Data and Execution.

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Within these categories, Iterable has announced three new products: Teams, Catalog and Brand Affinity Scoring. In addition, Iterable announced four new channels: Mobile Inbox, Multi-App Push, Facebook Custom Audiences and Google Customer Match.


People are the foundation of any company’s success. To reach their full potential, organizations have to efficiently and effectively scale growth processes across the enterprise. To enable collaboration at scale, Iterable announced Teams. This new feature not only facilitates teamwork and scalability within the business, but also allows for customized roles and permissions across departments, regions and product lines. Moreover, Teams alleviates data security concerns and builds mutual trust between all people responsible for growth.


By democratizing access to data, Iterable equips marketers and their co-collaborators across the business to grow, experiment, iterate and create actionable insights. Iterable’s Catalog unlocks a myriad of options for marketers of all industries to get creative with their campaigns. Catalog empowers marketers to build collections, or personalized content blocks, to hyper-target messages at scale.

To power insights based on machine learning, Iterable has also launched Brand Affinity Scoring, which classifies users based on how they interact with a brand. Brand Affinity Scoring includes intelligent segmentation to identify a company’s power users to maximize retention by tracking their likelihood to purchase or conversely to churn.


Execution involves a brand’s ability to launch growth programs and bring to market the channels they need to communicate with their customers. Today Iterable announced four new channels, which build upon its core channel functionalities across email, mobile push, SMS, in-app, web push, social and direct mail.

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With these four new channels, Iterable has transformed how brands engage with customers:

  • Mobile Inbox is a personalized in-app content feed that provides a whole new way to maximize mobile engagement. By retrieving content in the background with no disruption to the mobile user’s flow, Mobile Inbox allows Iterable customers to send campaigns for their audiences to engage whenever it’s most convenient.
  • Multi-App Push enables brands with multiple mobile applications—an increasingly common strategy—to easily push campaigns to the right mobile app.
  • Facebook Custom Audiences provide marketers the ability to maximize engagement by retargeting users using the cross-channel orchestration capabilities in Iterable Workflow Studio.
  • Google Customer Match extends the engagement possibilities for marketers by enabling them to target users that are logged into their Google accounts, whether they’re using YouTube, Search or Gmail.

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