Neutronian’s Beta NQI Transparency Ratings Highlight Key Category Leaders Across the MarTech Data Ecosystem

Undertone’s SORT, Bombora, StatSocial, Ibotta and Affinity Answers are among the top-25 ranked overall and category leaders in Neutronian’s public beta ranking.

Following the initial release of it’s NQI Transparency Ratings, Neutronian has identified category leaders as a first step in “fit for purpose” guidance for marketers. Most notably is the fact that transparency is not limited to a certain type of data provider with the top ranking companies out of the 150 rated representing a wide variety of data collections and solution types. From online and offline data sources, crawler to survey and panel based data collection, social to B2B insights, and audience to contextual, cookieless data options, public transparency applies across the board.

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Highlights from the top rated data providers based on public transparency include:

– Undertone, the leaders in high impact advertising, who were recently awarded with Neutronian Cookieless Certification for its SORT™ (Smart Optimization of Responsive Traits) technology, received the highest rating in overall ad tech cookieless solutions.
– StatSocial, a cross-platform social audience insights provider and also Neutronian Cookieless Certified, ranked in the top 10 overall and a leading provider in their category.
– Ibotta was identified as the leading deterministic purchase data provider and one of the largest direct-to-consumer “cash rewards for data” platforms.
– Bombora, the leader in B2B intent data and Neutronian Certified data provider, came in second in the overall ratings list.
– Affinity Answers, providing behavioral insights for the customer-obsessed and early recipient of both General and Cookieless Neutronian Certification, ranked #1 overall in the ratings.

“Data transparency applies across the board to all data types and data solutions, “ said Timur Yarnall, CEO and Co-Founder of Neutronian. “Marketers and agencies expect more transparency up front from data providers when making decisions about the data they will leverage for their marketing efforts. Data providers can no longer get by using the cloak of ‘black box’ or ‘I will just indemnify you’ explanations that are common today.”

Yarnall further added, “While many providers do not fit neatly into one category, this is a first attempt to drive a “fit for purpose” category level definition when talking about data transparency and we look forward to refining it further with input from marketers and providers.”

NQI Transparency Ratings are based on the public transparency of data providers who commonly sell audience segments, data feeds or data analytics solutions to marketers. The ratings are generated based on a review of the publicly available data about each data provider across Neutronian’s five core categories – Consent & Compliance, Sourcing Transparency, Dataset Characteristics, Methodology & Processing and Performance. These ratings provide marketers with a summary view of potential high or low data quality indicators that may guide their data investment decisions before actually spending to test out the data.

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