Proof Analytics Accelerates Marketing’s Business Alignment With Proof+ for SiriusDecisions

Proof+ Templates Help Marketing Teams Rapidly Instrument and Compute Results From the Most Popular SiriusDecisions Marketing Value Frameworks

Thousands of marketers around the world use marketing value frameworks developed by SiriusDecisions to better understand what they need to do to effectively support their businesses. Proof Analytics is launching Proof+ for SiriusDecisions, a library of customizable templates that help business and marketing leaders use SiriusDecisions frameworks to achieve, instrument and compute their alignment, impact and ROI.

Proof has focused initially on five of the most popular SiriusDecisions frameworks:

  • SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework
  • SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework for ABM
  • SiriusDecisions Aligned Measurement Framework for Emerging Company Leaders
  • SiriusDecisions Aligned Accountability Framework
  • SiriusDecisions Demand Unit Waterfall

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Kyle Brantley

Proof templates are designed to help teams quickly maximize value from whatever SiriusDecisions framework they are using. “SiriusDecisions has created a large roster of value frameworks to help marketers, sales teams and business leaders improve their alignment and impact,” said Kyle Brantley, co-founder and product management chief at Proof. “SiriusDecisions frameworks are deservedly very popular, but they are logic frameworks, not calculators. Many companies need help making them actionable, particularly in terms of how to assign KPIs to the framework and compute impact and ROI. Proof+ for SiriusDecisions templates make getting those answers much easier and faster.”

Delivering business analytics that everyone can use, Proof enables anyone to quickly and easily compute and display fully attributed audience impact, time to impact, financial return, time to return, risk, and points of saturation and diminishing returns. Proof is an agnostic business analytics platform serving functions such as marketing, HR and recruiting, corporate social responsibility, change management, and communications and PR.

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Bob Beauchamp

Bob Beauchamp, chairman of BMC Software and Fortune 100 board member, recently wrote about the importance of rock-solid alignment on ROI between marketing and the business: “Boards, CEOs and CFOs often see a budget request as an investment deal: in return for X dollars, the business unit or functional team usually promises to deliver more revenue, better margins, accelerating cash flows, and brand accretion. We can’t fund everything, so it’s a big part of our job to rank every one of these investments. But here’s the problem: Determining that stack rank is very tough if we can’t connect investment to incremental value. There are several areas in most companies that routinely struggle to connect the dots and provide real value metrics, and one of the biggest culprits is always marketing. It’s hard to determine or trust the right marketing spend request for next year when marketing can’t say what the return was on the money they spent this year.”

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Proof also recently announced that it was the first business analytics SaaS solution to implement fully encrypted, blockchain-based data assurance. Proof Chain Data Rights Management uses blockchain to enable customers to quickly and easily network an unlimited number of distributed data sources and ensure the ongoing security, integrity, reliability, and traceability of that data.

A global B2B research and advisory firm, SiriusDecisions specialize in delivering insights, frameworks and expert guidance to help executives modernize and elevate sales, marketing and product performance.

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