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Luokung Enters into Strategic Partnership with Dianyu

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Luokung Technology Corp., one of the global leading spatial-temporal big-data processing technology companies, a leading interactive location-based services company in China, announced it has entered into a strategic partnership with Jiangsu Dianyu Information Technology Co., Ltd. (“Dianyu”), to leverage each other’s respective advantages, and to actively expand mobile commercial big data services in the 5G era. The two parties have signed and started implementation of a series of cooperation agreements on certain projects and services.

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Dianyu will rely on the SuperScylla data processing service platform of Luokung to integrate vector maps, satellite remote sensing images, IoT streaming data and other multi-format data services in order to actively expand the applications and services using dynamic trajectories in IoT and LBS. In the meantime, the marketing capabilities of Dianyu and the excellent solution service capabilities of its SaaS platform and programs like “Dianke”, will bring more projects and users to Luokung. In 2020, Luokung expects to generate approximately USD 10 million revenue related to the PaaS, SaaS, and DaaS services provided by Luokung’s SuperScylla data service platform to Dianyu and its customers.

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As a strategic partner, Dianyu will be granted a seat in the Strategic Committee of Luokung, and will provide strategic decision support for Luokung.

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