Mapbox Announces New Location Intelligence Platform Updates at Build With Mapbox

New Mapbox products, features and programs help developers and organizations solve the toughest geolocation challenges in innovative ways to deliver positive outcomes

Mapbox, the leading maps and location platform powering a new generation of location-aware applications, announced new products that empower developers and organizations to make better data-driven decisions, develop easier and faster, and drive intuitive and seamless user experiences with innovative location technologies. From fitness trackers and connected vehicles to logistics and business intelligence, location is essential to how we navigate, get hundreds of services on demand, and understand complex information quickly.

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About the Mapbox Platform Updates

Make better decisions with data

  • The new Matrix API delivers improved up-to-date routes and ETAs enabling advanced functionality on fleet optimization and cost savings with future departure time capability that accounts for traffic patterns.
  • Mapbox Boundaries v4 increases the coverage and granularity of industry-leading datasets with over 200,000 new or updated geographic boundaries across the Americas and Asia, powering geospatial analytics and visualizations.

Easier and faster development

  • Maps Internationalization dramatically improves the global user experience while saving hours or days of backend coding. Developers now only need to build a finite set of Maps styles to dynamically display a wide range of maps in the local language and worldview of their customers’ preferences.
  • Navigation SDK with Drop-In UI is a pre-made navigation layout that speeds deployment of navigation embedded in an application while enabling customization for use-case and brand-specific requirements.
  • Navigation SDK Copilot provides fleet organizations with insights into their route performance through detailed trace files and search analytics to improve driver experience and fine tune routes.

Drive amazing user experiences

  • Mapbox Globe View, the pinnacle of map visualization, offers developers an alternative to the flat and skewed Mercator Projection when they want to present globally or continentally scaled location stories.
  • Mapbox Studio provides enhanced organization and collaboration features. Developers can now create and name folders, move styles around, and search and sort projects effortlessly. The ability for collaborators to easily enter a project and pick up where a colleague left off is a key advantage for large projects with multiple developers.
  • The Mapbox Core Styles have been redesigned to offer sleek, contemporary motifs without sacrificing functionality. Building upon already industry-leading performance, the redesigned Core Styles save developers countless hours they would have spent building their own base maps.
  • Mapbox Developer Relations Program has been revamped with new content, community, and developer tool initiatives to ensure builders find success quickly and thrive.

These platform updates will be presented today at BUILD with Mapbox, a virtual event that also highlights the innovations of ANWB, Nextdoor, OneSoil, PicNic, The World Bank, Toyota Motor North America, and Varicent.

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