CallRail, an integrated marketing platform combining marketing analytics and communication tools for small businesses, today marks its tenth anniversary and a decade of remarkable business growth.

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Since its founding in March 2011, CallRail has sustained accelerated growth, earning the company a spot on both the Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing companies in America and the Deloitte Tech Fast 500 for the past five years. Consistently profitable, CallRail surpassed $60M ARR in 2020. Raising a total of $132M in investment capital to-date, CallRail most recently received $56M from existing investors Sageview Capital and Leaders Fund in late 2020, confirming a strong vote of confidence in continued growth potential and long-term trajectory for the Atlanta-based tech company.

CallRail rounded out a decade of democratizing marketing analytics by launching their Lead Center communication hub in October 2020. Lead Center helps small businesses connect with customers on their terms, with a unified inbox and integrated communication tools including softphone and text messaging. Combined with the insights across customer journey touchpoints delivered through Call Tracking, Form Tracking, and Conversation Intelligence, CallRail’s customers are able to market smarter, drive more quality leads, centralize communications, and turn leads into customers.

From its roots in call tracking, to now serving as a marketing platform for more than 175,000 businesses, CallRail’s mission to help small-to-midsize businesses (SMBs) succeed remains the same. It all began with founder Andy Powell’s firsthand knowledge of this community, which inspired him to create a platform that solves for the unique pain points of SMBs.

“Prior to starting CallRail, I ran an online directory of BMW repair shops. As a small business owner working with other small business owners, I realized I needed call tracking in order to prove that I was driving customers to the shops listed on my site,” said Andy Powell, CEO and cofounder of CallRail. “While call tracking solutions existed, they were designed mainly for large enterprises, leaving a gap in the market for solutions tailored to small businesses.”

“What began as a call tracking solution has grown to a full marketing platform that helps SMBs reveal insights about each customer’s journey and gives them the tools to engage with leads and customers across communication channels,” said Powell. “The industry is quickly moving toward the convergence of analytics tools and communication platforms. CallRail is here to help our customers get ahead of this evolution and grow in an increasingly competitive world.”

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As CallRail’s marketing platform has grown, so have its customers. One of these businesses is Reliable Heating and Air, a CallRail customer since 2013, based near Atlanta.

“CallRail has a unique ability to stay ahead of the curve, and evolves their products to keep pace with changes in the industry — making our job on the marketing side so much easier,” said Lea Anne Roberts, director of marketing at Reliable Heating and Air. “We started with call tracking eight years ago, and today benefit from call transcripts, form tracking, keyword triggers and now a unified communications inbox with Lead Center. Having one platform to house all of our lead analytics and communications has further enabled us to consistently generate revenue from quality leads.”

Fueling its commitment to delivering incredible solutions that help businesses grow is CallRail’s community of over 200 employees. The company’s culture centers on respect and creating a space for people to bring their full selves to work, earning CallRail recognition as a Top Workplace in the USA for 2021.

“At CallRail, we’re committed to living out our values, and in order to do this effectively, we emphasize consistently learning from our community and implementing feedback,” said Whitney Hoffman-Bennet, VP of Talent and Culture at CallRail. “Over the last year, we’ve focused on elevating underrepresented voices in our community, along with integrating diversity, equity, and inclusion values into existing processes.”

CallRail has implemented a “Doing the Work” framework and philosophy to ensure progress toward its DE&I goals. The framework sets forth quarterly DE&I goals, the action plan, findings from the previous quarter and overall progress.

“Our leadership team is also partnering with our Black & Brown and Women’s Circle employee resource groups so we can hear directly from our community what we’re doing well, and mistakes we can learn from to chart a better path forward,” said Bennet.

Over the past decade, CallRail has encouraged team members to make positive contributions to society through initiatives like Time to Vote, a nonpartisan movement to increase voter participation, and Repair the World, the company’s charitable giving match program. Repair the World launched in 2020 amid the global pandemic, giving CallRail employees a way to stay connected to each other and their community during a difficult time. CallRail also provides a $25,000 quarterly grant for its employee resource groups to conduct charitable giving.

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