P3iD Technologies Marketing Syndication Program For Effective Messaging Of Secure Cloud Document Processing Solutions

Augment your existing marketing with exclusive digital content to transform your business with subscription services messaging and enter new markets with ease

P3iD Technologies, Inc., a software development and solution company providing secure cloud solutions for document workflow automation, is pleased to announce the ‘P3iD Marketing Syndication Program for effective messaging’ (P3iD-MSP).

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The P3iD Marketing Syndication Program extends P3iD’s marketing materials such as presentations, brochure, web pages and videos to P3iD VIP partners by re-branding these materials with your companies’ colors and contact information. Traditional print, and online marketing, often require expensive outsourcing, time and costs to create content. To help create a business advantage for P3iD partners, P3iD-MSP was created to provide exclusive access to important marketing collateral, accelerating business growth through effective digital marketing campaigns.

P3iD-MSP is a program that truly is a win-win situation which enables P3iD VIP partners to access proprietary, and exclusive, digital content to be re-branded as their own. P3iD-MSP VIP’s can request custom-branding for a wide variety of digital content which they can utilize for sales and marketing activities that greatly accelerates time-to-market and quicker access to revenue.

Highlights of the P3iD Marketing Syndication Program (P3iD-MSP) include:

• Augment an existing marketing strategy with additional branded content
• Deliver concise messaging to targeted audiences
• Expand business opportunities into vertical markets
• Share a cohesive message that aligns with a roadmap over a long period of time

Content from the P3iD Marketing digital asset library, includes materials created from many years of practical technology experience, real-world use case scenarios as well as end-user case studies. Marketing collateral available from P3iD-MSP includes original content including presentations, brochures, white papers, blogs, press releases, videos, web pages and much more.

Benefits of P3iD-MSP include the following:

• Reduce, or eliminate, digital marketing expense while still providing valuable content
• Demonstrate Subject Matter Expertise (SME) on particular technologies and vertical markets
• Quicker time-to-market with access to a full library of various digital marketing assets
• Increase exposure into new and lucrative markets without the complicated effort

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