Chargebee RevenueStory Analytics Platform Unveiled to Power Subscription-Based Revenue Decisions Across Entire Organization

Chargebee RevenueStory Analytics Platform is a New Role-Based Analytics Dashboard Suite Empowers SaaS and Subscription-Based Ecommerce Companies to Drive Greater Revenue Through Unprecedented Analysis and Insights

Chargebee, an emerging leader in SaaS subscription management and recurring billing solutions, announced RevenueStory, a breakthrough new suite of business intelligence dashboards that empower subscription-based companies with unprecedented visualization and insight into revenue-generating activities and opportunities to drive further growth.

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Chargebee RevenueStory Analytics Platform Helps SaaS and Ecommerce Companies Get a Complete Understanding of Their Business

Available immediately, Chargebee RevenueStory Analytics Platform goes far beyond typical reporting tools meant only for finance departments, by including a broad number of templates tailored to every role in the organization that impacts the success of subscription-based programs. As a result, SaaS and ecommerce companies can get a complete understanding of their business and make informed decisions that dramatically increase monthly and annual recurring revenue.

With the continued rapid rise of the subscription economy, recurring revenue is fundamentally changing the way companies make business decisions. In the subscription business landscape, Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) is a direct function of customer retention rather than one-off sales, and every member of the team, ranging from product, sales, and marketing, to customer support and success to finance, plays a direct role in attracting, retaining and expanding client accounts.

RevenueStory is based on more than 1,800 manually designed Excel sheets and PDF reports that Chargebee developed over four years for its thousands of subscription-based SaaS and commerce companies to make sense of their data to drive smarter revenue decisions.

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From this in-depth analysis, Chargebee is launching RevenueStory to fundamentally change the way companies manage their subscription-based business. RevenueStory provides preset templates that combine and visualize the relevant set of metrics applicable to different business functions within the subscription business to understand and drive strategies through role-specific revenue and growth dashboards, including founders, finance, customer success, marketing, product, and sales.

Revenue Is No Longer a Finance Function 

At the time of this announcement, Krish Subramanian, CEO and co-founder of Chargebee, said, “In today’s growing subscription economy, revenue is no longer a finance function and every business function either contributes to it or detracts from it. Compared to traditional BI tools that simply stack on increasing amounts of data, RevenueStory directs users to see the right data through the right lens.”

Krish added, “RevenueStory reconciles disconnected data and ties it to revenue to isolate growth levers that are uniquely relevant for specific business functions to act on. Now, Chargebee’s thousands of customers can make smarter and more timely decisions that impact the top line.”

Chargebee RevenueStory Analytics Platform includes numerous benefits for SaaS and ecommerce subscription-based businesses including —

  • Revenue-driving metrics, only: Existing analytics solutions provide an overwhelming amount of data, making it hard for businesses to know which reports and metrics are relevant to them. Powered by real-world analytics and insight, Chargebee developed templates to automate the most relevant, revenue-driving metrics to provide businesses with recommended and specific points to track.
  • Revenue by business function: To better understand the impact of function-specific activities, RevenueStory provides tailored templates and dashboards that monitor the most impactful metrics by specific business functions. For example, sales and marketing teams require metrics on promotion success rates and new subscriber conversion, while customer success teams require metrics related to churn and subscription enhancement. These capabilities are unique to the subscription management and recurring billing market.
  • Real-time data, instantly: Subscription-based businesses can fluctuate dramatically, making it important that companies can quickly analyze its business across any time domain and in real time in order to gain actionable insights. Unlike traditional business intelligence tools, RevenueStory doesn’t crunch or manipulate data, thus allowing users to explore metrics across any time window and at any depth of granularity.

Chargebee powers the recurring revenue engines of B2B and B2C services across various industry verticals such as SaaS, digital media, ecommerce, and IoT. Founded in 2011, Chargebee has scaled to support more than 7,000 customers in 53 countries.

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