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SpotX and Sharethrough Announce New Integration, Bringing Together Premium Outstream and Native Video Supply

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In a Sign of Maturing Video Ad Demand, New OpenRTB, Server-To-Server Integration Enables Standard Outstream Delivery Against Sharethrough’s Quality Publisher Base

SpotX, the leading video advertising and monetization platform, announced a new integration with Sharethrough, the industry’s leading native supply-side platform, to bring SpotX’s programmatic infrastructure for outstream demand to Sharethrough’s in-feed video supply. By connecting advertisers around the world to Sharethough’s unique standard outstream format, SpotX and Sharethrough will offer advertisers access to premium, brand-safe environments through the Sharethrough Exchange, helping them reach cross-screen audiences at scale with in-feed video.

More than 1,000 publishers make their inventory available through the Sharethrough Exchange, which has more than 10 billion available video ad impressions each month. By working with SpotX through an open real-time bidding (ORTB) server-to-server integration, Sharethrough is able to offer its publishers SpotX outstream demand. The partnership also opens a new type of video supply for SpotX’s outstream buyers. Native video has been a huge growth area for Sharethrough the last three years, seeing consistent quarter-over-quarter double-digit growth.

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“Outstream and native are the two fastest-growing formats of the last few years; while the two markets have remained largely separate, they are actually quite compatible and bringing them together helps both advertisers and publishers,” said Curt Larson, Chief Product Officer at Sharethrough. “This new integration with SpotX helps to connect the various dots in a digital video ad market that has matured well past pre-roll, and should help fuel even further growth.”

SpotX has also employed first-price auctions within both open and private marketplaces for Sharethrough, a move that will improve the ability for advertisers to win impressions in a header-bidding world and increase revenue opportunities for publishers in a more transparent environment for both buyers and sellers. According to data from the Sharethrough Exchange, first-price auctions have higher win rates when bids are submitted into header bidders.

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“Video is increasingly a crucial part of every publisher’s revenue strategy, and unlike pre-roll video ads, outstream is not supply constrained,” said Geoff Spence, regional vice president at SpotX. “Our partnership with Sharethrough will definitely bring new opportunities to both the buy and sell sides, and we look forward to delivering more solutions and continuing to innovate with such a prominent leader in the native space.”

All standard outstream videos running through Sharethrough play automatically in-feed, with a headline and a clearly labeled description indicating that it is a video ad for full transparency and context for users.

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