Codewise Presents the Next-Generation of Voluum Tracker, The Only All-In-One Ad Measurement and Optimization Platform for Digital Marketers

For the First Time, Digital Marketers Can Leverage at Once and in One Place Artificial Intelligence, Collaboration Management, SSL Certificates, and Direct Tracking Pixel Features, as Well as Customizable Usage Parameters and Services, to Optimize Online Ads ROI and to Cost-Efficiently Scale Ad Operations

Codewise, the industry’s first provider of AI-powered online ad measurement and management solutions for digital marketers, recognized by the Financial Times among the fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2017 and 2018, announced that it launched a next generation of its industry-leading Voluum Tracker platform, enriched with multiple new features and with a wide range of new customizable usage parameters and services.

Unique to the AdTech industry, the rich set of newfeatures includes AI powered Traffic Distribution Optimization, Collaboration Management and SSL Certificates and Direct Tracking Pixel based Performance Optimization.

  • Traffic Distribution Artificial Intelligence (AI): a new technology which helps digital and performance marketers and media buying professionals across agencies and brands get the most out of their online ad management efforts thanks to the real-time automatic matching of traffic to the estimated best offers and landing pages and to their best combinations. This results in double-digit ROI gain, massive time and budget savings to be reinvested back into campaign management operations, and in scalability efficiency thanks to the potentially unlimited volume of offers and landing pages that can be processed in time

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  • Collaboration Management: a suite of new functionalities comprised of Workspaces, Multi-user and Shared Reports that help digital and performance marketers and media buying professionals across agencies and brands to increase overall ROI by enabling cross collaboration. This set of features is also perfectly tailored to create campaign management structures, organize workflows within a team and to securely share the results with any third parties, e.g. business partners
    • Workspaces enable marketers to effortlessly structure and organize campaigns and campaign elements into separate areas based on selected criteria, like verticals, geo, and media-buying teams
    • Multi-user helps media and performance agencies to structure team work into easily manageable working groups. The ability to grant specific permissions to associates allows managers to give a certain level of access to chosen entities and at the same time keep sensitive information separated from other team members
    • Shared Reports let account owners give a read-only access to the predefined set of data to their business partners. Based on the business need, marketers can easily specify which data points should be visible to their associates, business analysts, finance teams or any third parties, such as external consultants, freelancers and ad exchanges they collaborate with
  • Direct Tracking Pixel based Performance Optimization: a tracking method which allows marketers to track paid and organic traffic without the initial redirect. It also opens the door to ad exchanges, ad networks or any other sources (such as Facebook and Google Ads) requiring non-redirection type of tracking, and at the same time, speeds up the campaign funnel, which is especially important for digital marketers who run mobile campaigns.
  • SSL Certificates based Performance Optimization: enables optimization of the redirect flow and increases the performance of online campaign by securing the connection of the campaign funnels. Digital and performance marketers can now buy traffic and run campaigns on all desktop and mobile browsers and reduce all the possible interruptions in the redirect flow.

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The new set of add-ons Usage Parameters and Services are designed to enable digital marketers to resiliently customize and cost-efficiently scale their ad measurement, management and optimization activities as their business grows.

  • Customizable Usage Parameters include number of events, users, custom and dedicated domains and data history
  • Services include a wide variety of resources ranging from Onboarding, to Technical Support, and Account Management, tiered from standard to VIP handling.
Robert Gryn
Robert Gryn

“After the successful introduction in April 2018 of the industry-first AI-powered feature that analyses the performance of online campaigns and automatically deploys the optimal traffic distribution among offers, today we proudly launch the next generation of AI that optimizes traffic distribution among both offers, landing pages and the best performing mix of offers and landing pages. Additionally, today we also release Collaboration Management that allows media buying groups, big brands and agencies to efficiently manage campaigns across teams and external 3rd parties. Lastly, we also introduce SSL Certificates for Custom Domains and Direct Tracking Pixel, that powerfully boost the overall performance of the campaign funnel,” said Robert Gryn, CEO and Founder of Codewise. “Furthermore, understanding digital marketers’ need for progressive scalability, from today we are enriching our plans with a wide variety of add-ons that allow a bespoke and cost-efficient expansion of ad operations. The amount of innovation injected in our new platform by the engineering team is extremely significant making Voluum Tracker the most exhaustive tool for online ad marketers in the industry.”

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“Consistently with our core value, outside-in centricity, we have been closely listening to our customers through their daily engagements with our sales and customer success representatives,” said Dr. Robert Gryn. “The result is the clear demand for ad measurement, management and optimization SaaS plans that are not only richer in features, services and usage parameters but also modularly expandable through add-ons that flexibly serve progressive business and operational growth. Also, having understood the call for cost savings, being equal the plans value, today we also introduce extremely convenient yearly subscription options.”

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