Codewise’s Voluum Tracker is Industry’s First AI-Powered Ad Traffic And Offers Match Optimization

For the First Time, Digital Marketers Can Leverage Artificial Intelligence to Optimize Distribution of Ad Traffic Among Multiple Offers Using Voluum Tracker

Codewise, a leading provider of ad exchange and ad measurement and optimization platforms, recognized by the Financial Times as the second fastest-growing company in Europe, announced that Voluum Tracker has become the world’s first AI-powered online advertising measurement, management and optimization suite with the addition of the revolutionary Offer Automation technology.

This new technology helps digital and performance marketers and media buying professionals across agencies and brands get the most out of their online ad management efforts thanks to the real-time automatic matching of traffic to the estimated best offers. This results in double-digit ROI gain, in massive time and budget savings to be reinvested back into campaign management operations, and in scalability efficiency thanks to the potentially unlimited volume of offers that can be processed in time.

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Codewise appoints John Malatesta as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer and Excom Member
Robert Gryn

“Our AI-powered data-driven engine analyses the performance of your online campaigns and automatically calculates and deploys optimal traffic distribution among offers with an accuracy that manual A/B testing cannot achieve, resulting in maximized ROI, earnings per visits and conversion rate. Voluum’s Offer Automation optimizes your campaigns in real time and all the time, eliminating the need for continuously adjusting the traffic flow strategy and enabling unlimited campaigns processing capacity and scalability 24/7,” said Robert Gryn, CEO & Founder of Codewise.

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Codewise appoints John Malatesta as Chief Revenue and Marketing Officer and Excom Member
John Malatesta

“Consistently with our core value, outside-in centricity, we have been listening closely to our customers’ demand for actionable insights and for automated workflows. As a result, we are progressively enriching our ad measurement and optimization Voluum Tracker platform with AI capabilities. Manually distributing ad traffic across offers without knowing which offer is the best match results in a waste of budget and time and in lower performance. Offer Automation directly deploys smart data-driven actions that help marketers maximize their business impact,” said Dr. John Malatesta, Chief Revenue & Marketing Officer, Codewise.

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