Antitrust And The Future Of Tech: Dogtown Media CEO Discusses Antitrust Issues In Tech With Capitol Hill Leaders At AppCon 2021

The future of free market competition and regulation over big tech is in the spotlight as discussion over antitrust regulation continues on capitol hill. To further this discussion, AppCon 2021 is set to take place June 14th – 18th to foster conversation between America’s top mobile innovators and political leaders in Washington DC. Dogtown Media CEO Marc Fischer will attend as a representative of California’s 33rd Congressional District to contribute to the discussion over antitrust legislation and the future of tech in America.

The future of big-tech and the landscape of fair competition between businesses is becoming one of the most widely discussed topics today. Decisions made by Washington will have a lasting impact on how organizations of every size operate and compete in the free market. The App Economy Conference (AppCon) has put together an event that brings together America’s top mobile innovators and political leaders in Washington D.C to an open discussion around the topic of antitrust. Organized by ACT | The App Association, this upcoming AppCon ‘21 event, is set to take place from June 14th to the 18th. ACT is a Washington, D.C.-based public policy organization that represents more than 5,000 app and connected device companies leading the $1.7 trillion mobile economy.

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The association aims to foster conversation between top tech leaders with preeminent policymakers to drive smart innovation and effective regulation in the tech industry. Just like the most recent AppCon ‘21, this event is set to be held virtually over the four-day period focusing on the topic competition, standard essential patents (SEPs), and of course, antitrust issues generally in tech. Fischer will be meeting with members of the House Judiciary, Federal Trade Commission, the Department of Justice, Congressman Darrell Issa and Congressman David Cicilline.

“The time has never been better for the United States to invest in itself and take great strides in innovation, entrepreneurship, and roll out smart regulation to keep the American economy competitive and growing”, said Marc Fischer Co-Founder and CEO of Dogtown Media.

Dogtown Media, a Los Angeles-based mobile app development company, is among the invited cohort of tech business leaders set to join the event as a representative of California. Previous AppCon events have given Fischer the chance to discuss important topics such as 5G’s future in rural areas, chronic health condition costs, and accelerating U.S. AI innovation. Here, he was able to spark healthy conversation with political leaders such as FCC Commissioner Michael O’Rielly and Director Ajit Pai, Congressman Joseph Kennedy III, and Senator Amy Klobuchar.

As this upcoming AppCon event approaches, Fischer is optimistic to engage in meaningful conversations with political leaders and fellow tech leaders on the topic of antitrust, 5G app development and the future of tech. Opening enriching dialogue with U.S. Congressional Leaders is an important step in addressing the challenges that surround antitrust legislation. Based on the outcome of previous events, Fischer is hopeful that his engagement in antitrust policy and willingness to discuss these challenging issues will lead to a better outcome for the tech industry.

Based in Venice Beach, Dogtown Media is a mobile technology studio that leverages disruptive design strategies and dynamic development to deliver industry-leading apps. To date, Dogtown Media has created over 250 mobile apps in industries including Healthcare app development, IoT, and Artificial Intelligence.

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