Arm Treasure Data Launches New CDP Capabilities and Unlocks Value for Customers

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  • Linden Lab improves marketing ROI by 300% using personalization features from Arm Treasure Data CDP
  • Arm Treasure Data CDP enables Anheuser-Busch InBev to build detailed customer profiles to increase marketing conversion
  • New orchestration tools, security and admin features and 20 new integrations

Arm Treasure Data introduced new product capabilities for its Customer Data Platform (CDP) that better empower global companies, such as Linden Lab® and Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev), to navigate the increasing complexity of customer acquisition. Included are a Customer Journey Orchestration early access program to help companies deliver relevant and engaging brand experiences, 20 new connectors for streamlined integration and expanded worldwide Professional Services including new security and administration features.

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“Longer and complex customer buying journeys are driving higher acquisition and retention costs,” said Rob Parrish, senior director of product management, Arm Treasure Data. “The combination of our CDP capabilities for unifying data and journey orchestration tools enable companies to better manage customer touchpoints across the entire buying lifecycle through a single platform.”

Personalization at Scale

Linden Lab, the creator of the largest user-generated virtual world, Second Life, leverages Arm Treasure Data CDP to consolidate its data and understand its player preferences. This has enabled Linden Lab to better connect and personalize its engagements with customers and improve marketing ROI by 300 percent. Through the Arm Treasure Data CDP and new Customer Journey Orchestration features, Linden Lab will be able to make purchasing journeys more actionable across the hundreds of touchpoints for thousands of players.

“With Arm Treasure Data we’ve maintained a strategic advantage in how we segment, connect and personalize the experience for our users,” said Darren Helton, senior digital marketing manager at Linden Lab. “The new Customer Journey Orchestration features will enable us to better acquire and engage with new players and help focus our marketing efforts.”

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Cross-Channel Personalization Securely Managed for the Enterprise

The benefits of personalization are now more accessible across customers’ global operations with significant investments in new security and administration features. These allow Arm Treasure Data customers such as AB InBev to easily administer the platform for quicker adoption.

“At AB InBev, we take a global approach to direct-to-consumer marketing and need to ensure that we are not duplicating marketing efforts across our many brands,” said Lucas Borges, senior manager, Consumer Data Strategy at AB InBev. “The Arm Treasure Data CDP has enabled us to securely unify our customer data and build complete profiles. The new security and administration features will ensure the right people have access while maintaining customer privacy and security.”

Integrations expand flexible platform capabilities

In addition to the Customer Journey Orchestration capabilities and administration features, the Arm Treasure Data CDP has 20 new connectors. Through these connectors, customers can now easily activate marketing campaigns across more channels and reach new audiences.

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