How Businesses Can Decipher Customer Data Using VoC Analytics Programs | A Free Resource by Quantzig

Quantzig, a leading analytics advisory firm that delivers customized analytics solutions, has announced the completion of its free resource that lists the steps to build a VoC analytics program. To enhance customer experience and improve growth, businesses across industries are focusing on the development of analytics-driven VoC programs. Successful VoC programs are closed-loop processes that revolve around collecting and analyzing customer data to better understand their sentiments.

The ongoing technological disruptions have paved the way for new platforms where customers can voice their opinions. Though it offers several advantages, the real challenge for businesses lies in mining this data to scrutinize factors impacting a customer’s purchase decision. The use of advanced customer surveys and feedback forms can help businesses to gather data that is crucial for decision-making. Leveraging advanced analytics methodologies such as text analytics, speech analytics, and social media analytics can help integrate data from different platforms to gain a holistic view of the global customer base.

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“To make customer-centric decisions that aim to enhance customer experience businesses must learn to decipher their customer’s voice,” says a customer analytics expert from Quantzig.

Quantzig’s customer analytics experts can help you jump-start your analytics journey by developing a successful VoC program.

Steps to Build a Successful VoC Program

  • Gather customer data from disparate sources 

    The initial phase revolves around establishing the goals of the VoC program by collecting and categorizing data from disparate data sources. A detailed assessment of customer touchpoints will help businesses to identify the best methods to capture and optimize customer data. Also, businesses can use such VoC-driven insights to make strategic business decisions such as new product launches and market expansion decisions.

  • Turn data into insights 

    For a business to make use of customer data, it’s essential to first understand the information encapsulated in VoC data. Having said that, structuring the datasets is also crucial as it makes it easier for analysts to query the data to extract actionable insights. Leveraging sentiment analysis and customer journey mapping can also help businesses to uncover the emotions of their customers at every stage of their journey.

  • Analyze insights to better understand customer needs 

    Today it’s crucial for businesses to analyze customer data and turn them into meaningful insights that would help businesses drive value. The use of technologies like BI tools, real-time monitoring, and reporting dashboards can help organizations to analyze VoC data to determine common trends and identify customer pain points.

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