Jifflenow Reports 400% QoQ Increase in Customer Meetings Scheduled at Virtual Events

Enterprises are boosting sales success by booking thousands of inbound and outbound virtual B2B customer meetings alongside all-digital events and conferences; this proven technique increases attendee engagement, boosts ROI, and expands sales pipelines

Jifflenow, innovator of the world’s #1 Meeting Automation Platform (MAP), is on track to achieve a 400% increase in the current quarter over the previous quarter in the number of virtual customer meetings that are being scheduled at virtual events. Jifflenow’s marketing technology is used by some of the world’s largest companies to maximize the ROI at their digital events by scheduling virtual B2B customer or prospect meetings such as 1-to-1 meetings, VIP briefings, Meet the Expert meetings, product demos, tech rehearsals, analyst and press engagements, and sessions.

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One outcome from COVID-19 has been the rising popularity of virtual events. While these events attract huge numbers of attendees over many days or even weeks, customer engagement at these online venues has been challenging for many marketers. By offering qualified attendees at virtual events, informational meetings with the appropriate internal resources, marketers can boost attendee engagement and advance revenue opportunities faster along the sales cycle.

“This is an important trend that CMOs and marketing teams should adopt, especially in the context of the COVID economy. Virtual meetings are now recognized as a key success factor for virtual events, and this approach is also becoming the ‘norm’ for serious demand-gen and sales teams,” said Hari Shetty, founder and CEO of Jifflenow. “For example, one multinational company booked more than 18,000 virtual meetings, rehearsals, demos and interactions around a single virtual event during this quarter.” 

Trends observed at virtual events

Marketing and sales teams, along with event organizers, should aim to increase the number of customer and prospect meetings they facilitate around their virtual events. These techniques, shared by Jifflenow customers, are proven approaches:
  • Extend the event window: successful event organizers should make it easy for sales teams and event attendees to book meetings before, during and after a virtual event. Jifflenow enables its clients to extend customer meeting calendars for many weeks after the virtual event ends to maximize engagement with customers and prospects.

  • Make it easy for attendees to self-book: 40% of the customer meetings were requested by attendees themselves using inbound meeting request capabilities, while 60% were initiated by sales teams.

  • Sponsors are getting in on the act: savvy event hosts are making inbound requested  meetings from event attendees available to event sponsors, providing them with a higher ROI on their sponsorship.

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“We expect that virtual and hybrid events will be the norm well into 2021, so marketers should plan to integrate customer meetings into all their virtual events—both national and regional,” said Ravi Chalaka, head of product management and CMO of Jifflenow. “Two major trade shows, CES 2021 and NRF 2021, are kicking off the year in fully virtual format, and our clients are already planning to integrate virtual customer meetings around these events.”
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