LayerFive Releases Extensive Feature-Rich Enhancements to its Customer 360° Platform

The Unified Consumer Data and Multi-Touch Attribution Platform

LayerFive, a CDP Solution for Shopify, announced it has released extensive enhancements for marketing analytics & attribution to its Customer 360° Platform.

LayerFive, a Customer Data Platform for Shopify announced industry leading marketing analytics and attribution solution. LayerFive helps brands in consolidating their consumers data and creating a single unified customer view. With the LayerFive platform, marketers can unify their sales, marketing, and customer data, drive customer engagement, improve advertising performance, and enhance the customer journey while complying with GDPR and CCPA data privacy regulations.

With Google phasing out third-party support and the growing privacy concerns, LayerFive has honed in on developing solutions for organizations that want to transition to a first-party data approach.

With a patent-pending identity resolution solution and highly flexible real-time segmentation feature, LayerFive is already a premier customer data platform (CDP). But now it has enhanced it’s marketing attribution solution to become the only CDP in the market that offers the most comprehensive marketing performance measurement. – Sushil Goel, CEO, LayerFive

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“We’re a premier CDP with patent-pending identity resolution and a highly flexible real-time segmentation feature. We’re the only CDP in the market with comprehensive marketing performance measurement.”

— – Sushil Goel, CEO, LayerFive

Feature Enhancements include:

-Comprehensive marketing attribution support including view-through attribution. Marketers can understand the true performance of every media source including owned, earned, and paid. Moreover, LayerFive is releasing and AI-based view-through attribution that gives credit to those media impressions that don’t result in a direct click, but results in brand awareness and users visiting through direct or organic sources and converting. This is very useful given the signal loss to Facebook due to the Apple iOS changes. With this feature, LayerFive is the only platform in the market that provides a comprehensive Facebook Ads attribution solution.

– Real-time Segmentation: LayerFive also released ability to create live consumer segments that allows marketers to take action as soon as a prospect or a customer satisfies the segment criteria. This allows marketers to act as soon as there is a red-flag in consumer behavior or if there is a highly motivated prospect who now needs a bit of a nudge before conversion. .

– Customer 360 Analytics: In this release LayerFive also enhanced customer 360 insights and now provides a number of additional actionable insights including average order value trend, customer lifetime value analysis, customer ready to make purchase, product pages that are best and worse converting across all paid media sources etc. All the customer insights include ability to easily take action on specific consumer segments.

LayerFive is a unified consumer data platform (CDP) for Shopify that provides business and customer insights to fuel growth and grow per customer revenue. To learn how to enhance the customer journey, improve customer satisfaction, and drive personalization with custom offers, contact LayerFive today.

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