Leadspace, the leading business-to-business (B2B) customer data platform (CDP) provider, announced Bob Strohmeyer as its chief customer officer. Joining the Leadspace mission to give enterprise companies a single source of truth for customer intelligence, Strohmeyer brings a wealth of expertise and a fanatical focus on helping clients achieve measurable business results.

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For over 25 years, Strohmeyer has led diverse teams of technical, strategic, and creative professionals to achieve high-impact revenue and marketing results for enterprise customers. He has served as chief customer officer at Swrve, headed product and professional services teams at Demandbase, led Strategic Marketing Services at IDG, and delivered innovative custom media services at Future Publishing. His perspectives and insights in the business and technology sectors have been featured in numerous publications, including Wired, Forbes, PCWorld, Entrepreneur, Executive Travel, and Smart Business.

Strohmeyer has spent his career addressing the challenges of building and maintaining customer relevance at scale. From his early days working on native advertising strategies at IDG to the creation of the ABM category at Demandbase, his goal has been to deliver digital customer experiences that resonate while ensuring sales and marketing can scale successfully.

Strohmeyer joins Leadspace in the midst of a company-wide evolution to focus on the unification of customer data, which deeply aligns with his passion for solving the hardest problems in the enterprise B2B space. He was drawn to Leadspace for its unique ability to unify the customer graph at the core of the tech stack.

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“The most urgent challenges facing B2B companies today aren’t new, but they are now more complex than ever,” said Strohmeyer. “Having more data hasn’t necessarily made sales and marketing teams more effective, it’s just made CRMs, MAPs, and other systems less reliable. Leadspace’s B2B CDP capabilities finally present a real solution by unifying all that data with clarity and confidence.”

Strohmeyer’s 15 years of experience in demand generation, paired with his drive to ensure measurable customer success, make him the perfect fit for a company that prides itself on providing quantifiable lift across sales and marketing tactics, pipeline building activities, and revenue-generating campaigns. His industry knowledge will play a critical role in Leadspace’s future growth.

Strohmeyer recognizes that resolving the data challenges B2B marketers and sellers face is only a part of the battle, and stresses the importance of practical application in the real world.

“Better data isn’t just about the data itself,” said Strohmeyer. “It’s about being able to use the data appropriately to bring more relevant, meaningful experiences that connect people with the content and brands that improve their work. Solving the B2B customer relevance problem has broad implications for the quality of digital experiences and quality of life in general.”

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