mParticle Introduces Lifetime Profiles for Audiences to Drive Retention and Loyalty

New mParticle feature allows brands to leverage historical user data to create more personalized experiences across the entire customer lifecycle

mParticle, the leading customer data infrastructure company, introduced Lifetime Profiles to help brands individualize every moment in their customers’ journeys. Brands can easily build personalized experiences for infrequent and seasonal customers as well as reactivation campaigns, using the full data history they have chosen to store in mParticle. Today, mParticle builds upon its Profile Reengagement capabilities that enable lifetime profile event enrichment, with the ability to create real-time Audiences from customers’ lifetime profile.

Activating customer data for brands to optimize customer experiences is the core job of Customer Data Platforms, yet many limit brands to short customer histories and monthly active users. On the other hand, some brands use data warehouses or lakes to access deep customer histories but suffer from the reliance on tech teams or inconsistent experience delivery. Either approach inhibits brands from easily targeting and engaging key audiences like seasonal, churned, or return customers at scale.

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Lifetime Profiles gives brands instant access to all of the historical user data they’ve chosen to store in mParticle to target the right customers with real-time, personalized experiences with mParticle’s 75+ Audience partners. In addition, Lifetime Profiles makes historical user data available to real-time Calculated Attributes, simplifying numerous high-value opportunities.

Brands can now easily build Audiences of churned or seasonal customers. They can address customers who have ever taken specific high-value actions, whether a day ago or over a year ago. And when customers reactivate, mParticle enables brands to restore the customer profile to give that customer the best possible experience.

When used with Calculated Attributes, brands can generate lifetime-oriented customer insights like lifetime value or total watch time. These, in turn, provide more attributes for Audience creation and personalization.

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“The best brands recognize the value and importance of their customer’s history,” said Chee Chew, Chief Product Officer at mParticle. “They leverage it to understand customer behavior trends and to better optimize their customer journeys. Lifetime Profiles helps brands activate the full customer history across all their customer engagement tools.”

Lifetime Profiles helps brands increase retention rates at a time when customer acquisition costs are at an all-time high. ProfitWell, a business intelligence firm, noted that customer acquisition costs (CAC) increased by 60% between 2014 and 2019, and is five times more than the cost of retaining an existing customer. In the past three years, brands have faced additional acquisition costs headwinds due to privacy rules and regulations.

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